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Connecting with Influencers

We all have people we turn to when we need advice or guidance. It’s a vital part of finding answers. It may be a parent, a boss or a friend. But sometimes they don’t have the answers we are seeking. That’s when we look elsewhere, often using social media. Whether we are an individual or a business, we all listen to the opinions of others about products and services.

Social Media Platforms

The top social media platforms is the best way to begin. These sites are filled with influencers. Of these sites, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the top three. Use these sites to directly find the authorities in your industry.

  • On Twitter, use the search function for finding new influencers. Follow hashtags of others to find who and what is being talked about.
  • On Facebook, use the search box to research people in your industry. “Like” those who have a high Fan base and high rate of engagement by checking out their talking about numbers. Join Industry specific groups.
  • Search for your specific industry on LinkedIn for Influencers socializing here. Follow them on LinkedIn and in their other social sites. Join groups.
  • On GooglePlus, find the industry influencers by searching for their G+ page. Join relevant groups.
  • Search for your industry specific 03-profile of  influencerskeywords on Pinterest. Search for and follow those who frequently engage with your niche keywords. Look for broad Pinterest categories to find those with a lot of repins.

On each site begin by setting up your profile and getting familiar with the sites. Most high level networkers will have at least 500 connections, are very active online and have complete profiles.

Examples of high level influencers might include the executives, decision makers and media as well as people you already know are the authority in the industry.

Social Influence Metrics Tools

Social influence metrics are tools that crawl the social media sites, collating and analyzing interactions of the users. The tool then ranks each business or person online for their social influence. These tools are gaining importance in social media marketing.

Although there are many social influence tools you can use to find and leverage the most influential people in your industry, the big three are Klout, PeerIndex and Kred.

  • Klout is probably the most popular and oldest source for measurements. It measures activity on ten social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, WordPress blogs and the Klout site itself.

Use the site to find influencers with higher scores (scores range from 1 to 100).

  • PeerIndex measures the levels of user engagement and their influence on the social media platform. This tool shows who influencers are influencing, so if you are targeting specific market you can use the data to connect with these top influencers.
  • Kred allows you to find the key influencers in your market and gain insights and intelligence about your competition as well. This tool also includes a bonus feature which measures the outreach activity and provides it to you in an easy to read format. This feature tells you how often the influencers are retweeting, sharing and mentioning others like you. Influencers who are engaging often with others are more likely to share your content.
  • Followerwonk‘s key feature is the “Search Twitter bios” that lets you type in keywords. It then lists the Twitter users who have those keywords in their bios. The list is ranked by the number of followers and social authority.

Search Engines:

Search engines is a quick way to find out who is writing and influencing in your industry. Searching for InfluencersThe information will be general, not giving you details like the social metric tools or even the social media sites can. But search engines give you another option for finding more niche leaders.

Doing a simple Google search is a way to find bloggers in your industry. Using the Google search is helpful if you’re in a tight niche market or looking for specific topics. For example, maybe you have a bird watching business. You’re looking to find the top influencers in your geographic area or your demographic market. You can get an idea of who the top bloggers are doing a Google search.

Other ways to find influencers:

  • Google+ Ripples is one of the lesser known ways to connect with influencers. With Ripples, you can see who is sharing your SEO content as well as who your specific influencers are and how you can connect with them. It lets you see who is sharing and re-sharing your content. These are the people you want to connect with.
  • Engage in groups and discussions. You can interact on blogs or message boards by taking part in conversations. You can find groups and discussion sites all over the internet and most of the social media sites. Look for the influential members who have a large following, who interact and answer questions regularly.
  • Look for blogs in your niche market. Popular blogs will have a lot of commenters and interaction, will rank high and be talked about among their peers. These popular blogs have more than likely been around for a while.
  • Investigate your competition. Look at their marketing methods to find out where they are advertising and what social sites they are posting on.
  • Search out who is following you. You might be surprised to find influential followers already in your tribe.

There are many ways to find the industry influencers in your market. These are just a few of them.

Influencers Continues

As you have just read, social media plays a good part in finding influencers. Stay tuned we will continue in the next post. See you then.

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