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Top 10 Tips for Targeted Social Media Advertising

Social media gives business owners an unprecedented ability to create super-focused, extremely targeted advertising. Today, not only can you create a message that is targeted to a specific audience, you can also choose the demographics that will be exposed to your advertisement.

1) Know Your Audience

No matter what kind of business you have, there is a specific audience that wants what you have to offer. It’s on you to find them, create information for them and answer their questions before they ask. The only way you can do that is to study, research and get to know your audience. The way you can get to know your audience is to use social media to listen to your audience.

Join groups and associations where your audience goes. By being like a fly on the wall in the group, on social media, on a forum, by reading blogs by your audience or for your audience, you can learn so much. As you get to know your audience you’ll understand more about what they need to hear about your products and services in order to make the choice to buy.


2) Segment Your Audience

Within any one target market, you’ll have a number of different audience members who can be grouped. Some will have already purchased from you, some will not have purchased from you. Some will have joined your social media pages via your website, while others will have joined due to a friend joining. It’s important that you know your audience well enough to be able to segment them into different groups. A good way to do this is to create several personas that represent audience members.

Once you have these personas, perhaps four or five of them, you can then create advertising messages that fit exactly with what these people might want to hear about your products or services. You can explain to that persona the benefits of your products or services for them. You can also choose to identify the pain points, or problems that this person has and how your product or service cures their pain or problems.


3) Understand the Point of your Advertisement

For each advertisement that you create it’s imperative that you understand yourself what you want the results to be. Do you want them to buy, share, join, or what? What exactly do you want their action to be? If you aren’t specific you won’t be successful. Knowing the point of your marketing message will enable you to create better advertisements.

When you know what you want the end result to be, it will be easier for you to create an advertisement that speaks to the emotions of your audience to get them to do what it is you want them to do. You’ll have a lot easier time during this creative process by asking yourself the question: What is the point of this ad?


4) Include a Strong CTA

The above advice speaks of asking what the point of the advertisement is, which speaks to calls to action. If you don’t include a call to action within your marketing message, it’s likely that your audience will not move forward to complete the point of the message. Therefore, always include a very specific call to action.

A call to action should catch your audience’s eye, make them want to act, and provide very clear value to the market. If it doesn’t answer “what’s in it for me” then your audience will ignore your CTA because it will be very weak. Your social media ad should link to a larger sales page, or landing page that can weave the story better.

4-call-to-action 5) Tell a Good Story

Telling the story of your brand is an important element in social media advertising. You can do this in your marketing messages by using case studies, testimonials, and other content that connects your brand to your audience in a meaningful way. If you can pinpoint a common core value that your audience cares about, and show that your business supports those values, you have a winning story.

A winning story will translate into marketing that gets seriously high results, shares, and answers to your CTA. Remember that the stories you tell about your brand are really about your customers. Don’t approach your story about what you did, or how much money your business made, or anything other than how your business affects your audience5-testimonialTargeted Social Media Advertising Continues

This is a much longer post than I thought so we will see you in the next post to conclude this article.

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