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Top 10 Tips For Targeted Social Media Advertising

Social media gives business owners an unprecedented ability to create super-focused, extremely targeted advertising. Today, not only can you create a message that is targeted to a specific audience, you can also choose the demographics that will be exposed to your advertisement.

6) Timing is Important

Just as important as the story you share on social media ads about your business, is the time that you send out these messages. When you run your ads – what day and what time – will depend on your market. You will need to understand when your audience is ready to receive your messages.

Do test runs at various times of the day, and days of the week on the same exact advertisement to see when you get the best results. As you see what works and what doesn’t work you can easily adjust the time to ensure that you get the best results from your efforts.


7) Be Social

Even advertisements should be social on social media. Use video, use stories of real people, invite commentary, and get your audience involved in the marketing message. By including your audience in the advertisements by asking your audience to “like,” “share,” and “engage” with your ads, you’ll be seen as more accessible, and therefore more socially accepted.

You can use various services like Qwaya or Sales Force Marketing Cloud to help you better schedule advertisements on social media networks like Facebook. Having more control over your advertisements in terms of days, and times, that they run will help you be a lot more social with the ads because more of your audience will see them.

7-social8) Track & Measure

You should know by now that nothing is done until the metrics have been studied. Of course, once you track and measure your social media advertising results, you will need to repeat what worked, tweak what didn’t, and repeat it all over again.

To properly track and measure, choose what you will track and measure before you even start. Don’t just stare blindly at the metrics without knowing what mattered for a particular campaign. Maybe for one campaign it was more important to get clicks to be noticed and spread brand awareness, while on another ad campaign it was more important to collect email addresses for your newsletter.


9) Optimize for the Media

The look and feel of your social media ad matters greatly, depending on what social media the advertisement is appearing on. A social media ad will look very different from an advertisement placed on Linkedin.com. The services are different, your audience behaves differently on each site, and due to that you’ll need to create new ads for each social media network that you want to place an advertisement.

Even your audience might be slightly different on each network. Do your homework so that you don’t waste your time or money placing an advertisement on the wrong social media site. Remember the personas you created for your market? By knowing where each ad is going, and the point of the ad, you’ll create an effective, optimized advertisement.


10) Budget Wisely

Don’t start any type of social media advertising campaign without choosing a budget first. Do some research about how much money advertisers spend on average, and what type of results you might expect, so that you can choose a realistic budget for your type of business and product.


Don’t worry; you can start with a particular number which you are ready to “throw away” in a worst case scenario (if a particular social media advertising campaign is a complete failure). Then, if you earn that money back, you can then choose to spend more based on the earnings or other goals you want to meet.

Targeted Social Media Advertising Conclusion

There is no point in running any marketing campaign that is not fully targeted. Running general ads doesn’t work for large corporations, and it won’t work for you. Targeting your audience in the most focused and minute fashion will garner you the best results when using social media to advertise your business.

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