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Better Connections With LinkedIn

Building Better LinkedIn Connections

All too often business owners will resist using LinkedIn to build relationships with prospects, make connections with vendors or partner with others. LinkedIn might seem like a place that’s good for uploading your resume and connecting with people you already know. But in reality it’s a place where you can make great connections that can help you further your career or grow your business.

LinkedIn has over 135 million individuals and over seven million companies signed up to their site. With that many users, LinkedIn can likely benefit all businesses in some way. In fact, it can be an important social media outlet for most businesses.

Of course, making quality connections on LinkedIn isn’t always easy. With recent changes, they’ve made it very straightforward for people and businesses to connect with one another. But you don’t want to connect with everyone who’s out there. Instead you want to find ways to build better LinkedIn connections that can help you build your business, connect with others who can help you in your career, or connect1-connections with clients you want to work with.

The wider you build your network the higher you show up in LinkedIn’s search results, making it more likely you’ll be found by those specifically looking for you or for someone with your experience or skills.

In the following pages, you’re going to learn about the types of connections you can have on LinkedIn, as well as where you can find new connections. You’ll also get tips on how to get better connections.

Types of Connections

LinkedIn uses a system that categorizes your connections and contacts into separate “degrees” or levels.

These include:

First Degree – are those people you already know. They include your friends, colleagues and anyone you have already met.

Second Degree – are the friends and contacts of your first degree connections. They are the friends of friends.

Third Degree – are the connections from your second degree connections or the friends of friends’ friends.

Group Connections – are the people who join a group and have the same interests. They will be the people who share at least one group with you.

You can use these levels to make connections among other LinkedIn users. For example you can connect with other members of any LinkedIn group you belong to that has the same goal or interests as you.

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