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Better Connections With LinkedIn 3

Building Better LinkedIn Connections

All too often business owners will resist using LinkedIn to build relationships with prospects, make connections with vendors or partner with others. LinkedIn might seem like a place that’s good for uploading your resume and connecting with people you already know. But in reality it’s a place where you can make great connections that can help you further your career or grow your business.

Tips for Make Great Connections
Have you spent time building your LinkedIn connections? Are you going deeper with those connections (and with any new ones you are making) and building relationships?
LinkedIn is a tool marketers should be using to connect to other professionals or to companies in a meaningful way. It’s a place for building valuable relationships where both parties can help each other. So how do you find great connections through which you can build those kinds of relationships?
Follow these tips to begin improving your engagement and building better connections:
• Build real relationships by remembering the other person is human. Take the time to do some research on them before you initiate contact. Learn how they prefer to interact.
• Reach out to new customers by connecting with them individually.
• Have a complete profile, including a professional image and your complete work history. Join relevant groups and understand how they work.
4-great-connections• Initiate conversations after you’ve made a new connection or received an introduction.
• Give compliments or ask questions of others in groups.
• Ask for advice from those who have answered your questions in a group.
• Attend events that LinkedIn connections are attending, and make it a point to meet and have a conversation with them while there. You can find meetings by going to the event RSVP page to see who is attending. Reach out to a few by sending a message or InMail. Let them know you are looking forward to meeting them face-to-face.
• Create an editorial calendar from the questions and topics that are most popular in groups. Use these to create posts that you share with your LinkedIn connections.
• Ask intriguing questions and share useful information.
• Update your status frequently. Using status updates keeps you from being forgotten. People will be more likely to believe that your profile is fresh and up to date as well.
• Don’t accept everyone who requests to become a connection; be appropriately selective.
• Be helpful by introducing two connections who can benefit from knowing each other, by using the share profile function on LinkedIn. This can be done as follows:
o Search for one of the connection’s profiles from the top of your home page.
o Click their name.
o Expand the menu next to the Suggest Connections button. Select Share Profile or Send Message.
o Enter each recipient’s name in the To: field.
o Modify the message to explain how they could benefit from knowing each other.
o Click Send Message.


Making connections and building your network doesn’t mean connecting with everyone. You want to go deeper into building a relationship with your connections by sharing useful content, asking questions or answering questions that you can. It means filling out your full profile, including a professional image and all your previous jobs and volunteer work.
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