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Extending Your Facebook Reach 3

How to Improve Your Facebook Reach

This post will wrap up this series on Facebook. I hope you enjoyed it.  We sill  provide you with some suggestions for you to try on your own. Good luck.

Suggestions for Increasing Your Reach

Facebook Reach has declined for many Business Pages. Organic Reach, or free, posts are often left on your Page without anyone ever seeing them. It may seem like Facebook will only share your posts in the news feed if you pay to promote them. This isn’t necessarily the case. By posting engaging content you can increase your Reach.

Here are 20 ways to increase your Reach:

1. Post interesting content when your fans are already online. Use Facebook’s Insights to get a clear idea of when your fans are online. If you post something when most of your fans are on Facebook, you are more likely to get more people to see it. For example, studies have shown that late afternoons on Thursdays and Fridays and weekend days are when the greatest number of people are on Facebook.

2. Post often. Post a few different updates throughout the day. Don’t post links to the same articles multiple times a day, though. That is considered spammy. If you post only once a day, you are only going to reach those who are online within an hour or two of when you posted. Posting three or four times a day is a good rule. For example, you could make one post in the morning that links to your blog, another post later on a funny story or interesting fact, posting a link to a product even later in the day, and perhaps posting an image that evening.

3. Be consistent with your posts. 6-scheduleMake a schedule to regularly post. This regularity gives you more opportunities to connect with people and build their trust.

4. Create a content strategy. Create a strategy for using interesting content you can share on Facebook. Include different types of content and when you will be posting.

5. Share popular content. No one says you have to share new content every time you post. Go through your analytics to find old posts that were popular. If you post evergreen content on your blogs and social media, these posts won’t go out of date. Just make sure you haven’t already posted it on Facebook recently.

6. Respond quickly to comments. Build your community by listening to and responding to comments, quickly. Show that you care about them by being responsive to their questions and comments.

7. Hold a contest. Contests are a great way to bring in new fans and build rapport with the ones you already have. Contests can be as simple as a “caption this image” contest, to a contest where your readers get to name a new product.

8. Create ads. Promote popular posts with subtle CTA’s using paid promotions.

9. Use different kinds of content. Content can include written content, images, videos, contests, charts, graphs and everything else. Images increase Facebook engagement by 100% to 120%.

10. Involve your fans. Ask simple questions or ask them to caption a photo.

11. Spotlight your fans. Host a “Share your Page” for fans. Fans love to be recognized. Share some of their relevant content with your own fans. Spotlight a “Fan of the week.”

12. Don’t shorten links. A study by BuddyMedia found that a post which includes the full URL of a link will be trusted more than one with a shortened link.

13. Use influencer marketing. Using influencers in your network instead of paid promotions or placement means people will pay attention, since it’s shared by an actual person from your network who has a large following.

14. Avoid using memes.7-art

15. Experiment with the different types of posts. Find out which your audience loves more through your Facebook Insights. Do they tend to prefer photos or would they rather receive useful links?

16. Most of all, be authentic. Be yourself and be genuinely excited to be interacting with your fans.

17. Replicate what works. Make more posts like the ones you’ve already gotten the most engagement on.

18. Share and tag other Pages. Tagging other business’s Pages lets them know you did a good deed for them. Often they’ll return the favor and tag your Page.

19. Host events. Host “Live Q&A during xx times” or “ask the expert” days.

20. Build a Facebook interest list. Add it to your Page. Interest lists are a way to organize your content. It can be based on things you care about or other people’s lists. Lists show the best posts from the list in your newsfeed as well in the Interests section of your bookmarks. Click on the lists name to see recent activity and posts.

Remember, you can increase your Reach by creating Page posts and ads that are interesting, bring value to your fans and are targeted to the right people at the right time. Post when most of your fans are likely to be online and give them a variety of content types.

Start Improving Your Facebook Reach Now

Facebook Reach has changed a great deal since Facebook first introduced Pages for business in 2007. In the beginning, impressions and likes were enough to get your posts seen by your fans. Now, Reach is based on popularity of your Page and posts, as well as the user’s interests in what they view the most often.

Improving your Facebook Reach begins with researching when your fans are online, what posts are most popular and the types of content they want to see. You can do this through Facebook’s Insights metric. Take the time to learn who your users are and what they are looking for.

Vary your content. Images have been proven to increase post shareability by 100%. Of course, not every post should be an image. Share relevant and interesting written content, videos and fun facts. Let your fans be a part of your content strategy. Involve them with contests, fan days or question and answer sessions.

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