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Hootsuite To Manage Your Social Media

Using Hootsuite For Social Media Management

There are many different types of social media management systems and tools. They help you keep track of your many different social media networks, enable you to monitor social media better, and give you a way to respond faster. Whether you manage updates for your own business or you manage updates for someone else’s business, you need a simple way to monitor all the various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, Foursquare and more. Currently, one of the most recommended tools to use is HootSuite.

You already likely know the benefits of using social media for your business. But let’s have a bit of a refresher.

Better Branding

Hardly anything is more important than branding your business well. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the concept of branding, but essentially a brand is how your customers (and potential customers) see your business. What promise do they feel like you’re making to them? Remember, you control those promises by getting to know your audience well enough that you can explain the promise to them in multiple ways.



Your brand might signify value, honesty, superiority, exclusivity, high-quality, or something else. Make sure that you choose wisely and appropriately for the size of your business. For instance, you don’t want to be the low cost value brand if you’re a super small business. You simply cannot compete with a large business in this area.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Whether you are using social media or not, if you have sold to anyone then you have an online presence already, which means you also have a reputation. Even if currently it’s only a reputation with five people, it’s an important thing to realize that you need to manage that reputation. You have a lot of control over the perception of your reputation if you know how to properly manage it. Using social media, you can be the beginning and the end of the conversation about you, provided you are able to manage it.

Provide Better Customer Service

Consumers today expect customer service to be a unique and personal experience. The idea of the “customer of one” has arrived. With social media you have a great opportunity to provide exceptional customer care experiences, but only if you can monitor your social media accurately and not miss important comments and questions that require a response from you. It’s important to respond to every last consumer who reaches out to you via social media, whether positive or negative.

Generate More Leads

Social media is an excellent lead generation system. Think of your website or blog as the center of all your online marketing efforts, and social media as the means by which you can distribute all the information that you have. With the right calls to action, and the right fan base, you can be shared multiple times over, thus generating more traffic back to your online assets and more leads.

Effective Research Tool

Social media is an excellent research tool when it comes to really and truly getting to understand your audience. Even if you don’t have your own audience yet, you can find and interact with your competition’s audience. Read what they have to say, get ideas on content that you can produce, curate and share. Lean how your competition and their audience interact on social media. Find links outside of social media to more online assets that can give you the information you need to expand your knowledge and then pass it on to your own audience.

Branding, customer relationship management, and reputation management are important aspects of doing business today. There is no better way to manage all of these than using social media, in the best possible ways, to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. But, to be successful with social media, and to realize all your goals and objectives, it’s imperative that you find a way to manage the social media monster. And, make no mistake, when used incorrectly social media can become a monster. It is a time-sucking monster, a reputation-ruining monster, and a complete waste of time without a plan and a way to manage that plan.

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