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Using Hootsuite For Social Media Management

There are many different types of social media management systems and tools. They help you keep track of your many different social media networks, enable you to monitor social media better, and give you a way to respond faster. Whether you manage updates for your own business or you manage updates for someone else’s business, you need a simple way to monitor all the various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, Foursquare and more. Currently, one of the most recommended tools to use is HootSuite.


You already likely know the benefits of using social media for your business. But let’s have a bit of a refresher.

Benefits of Social Media Management

By managing your social media better you’ll be able to work smarter, instead of harder, gaining knowledge about your company, your competition and your audience. Just being part of social media isn’t enough for your business. You really need to know how to use it properly as well as knowing when and what content to post, whether as new content or as replies to consumer-generated content.

Due to the proliferation of multiple social media networks it’s getting harder and harder to properly manage all the outlets that exist. It’s not enough to say that you’re on social media. In order for it to provide a return on investment of the time and resources used it’s important that you truly manage each social media network that you choose to be a part of. If you manage your social media channels correctly you will see a better result from your efforts.

  • You’ll Be Able to Get More Done – Using extra-image-2a social media management software like HootSuite will enable you to get more things done. You can do it yourself or you can hire someone to manage it for you, enabling you to get even more done than before. Time saved from social media is time that you can be spending creating products and services to benefit your audience and doing all the other things that you have to do as a business owner.
  • Keep Tight Control on Your Reputation – With a system like HootSuite you’ll be able to monitor many social media networks at once. You’ll therefore save a lot of time and you won’t skip anything and miss out on some important ways that you can manage your reputation. You’ll never miss the need to respond to a potential customer or an actual customer. You will be able to keep track of all the buzz about you in a simpler more organized manner.
  • Your Customer Service will Improve Dramatically – By using a system to manage your social media networks you’ll catch customer service questions faster and be able to contact the customer or answer, when appropriate, the customer service question directly on the social media channel. Plus, when you can respond so much faster with a software system that helps you, you’ll seem like a social media rock star.
  • Get to Know Your Competition Better – Using social media tools to enhance your understanding of your competition is an important way to use a system like HootSuite. You can find out how many likes they have, what sorts of things they share, how much engagement they receive and more. You can learn how to do better than they do by observing their social media activities.

Being able to do all this on social media is a boon for small businesses everywhere. Face it, using social media can be a huge time suck. If you want to avoid that sucking sound as you sign onto each social media network, then using a system like HootSuite will help. Avoiding the time suck will make a huge difference in giving you the ability to reach your goals and objectives.

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