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The Hootsuite Dashboard

At the top of the page you’ll see your photograph and then to the side a box labeled “Compose message,” as well as several icons and the ability to click to see select messages.

2top of screen keys

This area allows you to perform a few different activities such as:

  • Compose a Message – If you click in this area a window comes up where you can type or paste a message.
  • Attach a Picture or File – When you compose a message you might want to include a picture or other file with it.
  • Schedule the Post – If you want this post to go out some time after you create it, you can use the calendar to schedule the post.
  • Add in a Location – Want to localize your post? You can by adding a location to your post.
  • Choose From Various Privacy Options – Depending on your other settings you can choose various privacy options.
  • Send the Message – Using the Send now Button you can send the message but first you have to choose the social network.
  • Choose the Social Networks – The right side of the area is where you choose which social networks you want your message to go to. You should have already signed up and connected with them to be able to choose them.
3sending a message

Further to the right of the “Click to select a social network” area there are two icons:

4searchQuick Search – You can use this icon to search for Twitter or Facebook content from your HootSuite Dashboard. If you click the magnifying glass you’ll bring up a window that looks like this:

5TwitterQuickSearchYou can click the little down arrow beside the Twitter icon and it will give you choices for searching Twitter, to finding Twitter users, to also searching Facebook.com. Choose the one you want, and type in your keyword to the right of the circled icon.

You can also choose to search only in your location, or to conduct a broader search. This is what a result looks like for the term “content marketing” on Twitter.

6Twitter Quick Search Content Marketing

Notice that you can click “Save as Stream” if you want to keep this search going for a longer term.

7conversationsConversations – This feature is a way to have conversations with anyone internal or external to your organization. This feature makes collaboration really simple. To get started just click on the icon pictured to the left, and then click “get started now” if this is your first time using it. A screen that looks like this will be revealed.

8conversations invite colleagues

As you can see you can invite colleagues automatically by importing their contact info you’re your Google Mail or Yahoo! accounts. But you can also enter their email address in to invite them even if they do not have either of those types of email accounts.

9send to conversations

When you invite them they will become a member of your organization. Now when you click on a comment you’ll have a choice to “send to conversations” so that you and your team can discuss a particular comment or update from social media.

Using these features will bring added functionality to your HootSuite account because you can use it for research as well as communicating within your team in a new and more productive way.


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