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Additional Hootsuite Dashboard Information

On the left of the screen you’ll see various icons starting with the “Stream” button that looks like a house. These icons have a vertical instead of horizontal orientation. Let’s talk a bit about each of the icons in turn.

10streamHome / Stream – By clicking on the Home / Stream button you can add streams, create tabs, and organize your streams however you want. For instance, you can organize tabs by topic, network, search terms, campaigns and more. It’s up to yo

11publisherPublisher – Under the publisher tab you can organize and schedule your messages. You can even schedule bulk messages using the bulk upload tool, which allows you to arrange messages according to date, time, network and more. You can even see a schedule of past messages, add an RSS feed or view an RSS feed.

12analyticsReports – One of the most important aspects of any social media marketing campaign is being able to analyze the work that you do. If you can view the data, and quantify the results, then you can be an even better marketer. It’s hard to know if you’ve succeeded with your goals if you don’t have the data. Thankfully, HootSuite makes it simple.

13assignmentsAssignments – To add assignments you must first have an organization. Your organization includes teams, team members and networks that are relevant to a particular project or business. You might have a different team for each business you manage, for instance.

14contactsContacts – From the contacts menu option you can see all your contacts in each network and any lists you have created in HootSuite. You can follow and un-follow, and connect with your Google+ page contacts as well.

15appsdirectoryApp Directory – You can add apps to increase the functionality of your HootSuite account. There are both free and premium apps to choose from. Some examples of apps are YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, RSS Reader, MailChimp, WordPress and others.

16settingsSettings – This is the area you complete your profile, upload a picture, write your bio and fill out your preferences, posting schedules and more. You can also modify or upgrade your plan from the settings area.

17toolsTools – From here you can view HootSuite University, partner programs, mobile apps, extensions and downloads as well as install an add-on for your browser to help you “hoot out” pages that you visit easily.

18helpHelp – Anytime you need help you can go to the help area of HootSuite by highlighting the Help icon, then clicking what you need. Your choices are: Help Desk, Feedback, Blog, FAQ, Company, About, Terms, and the all important Privacy Policy.

Anytime you are doing anything in HootSuite you can always go back by using the icons to the left. Once your security settings are done, you can move on to setting up the different social media networks you use.

Add Social Media Streams


Click “Add Stream” as circled above in order to start adding your different social media streams to HootSuite.

You can choose from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress, or mixi (a social network popular in Japan), and other apps. Choose which one you want to add, then click Add Profile.

20add a stream

Once you click Add Profile you’ll follow the prompts, as HootSuite leads you through how to do most things. Just follow along, and if you’re not sure what something is you can check out the Help Section and the FAQ. Add all the profiles you want to add so that you can keep track of your social media in one place.

Plus, until you add various social media accounts to your profiles you can’t open up all the features and functions. After you add your Facebook account, for instance, you might see a screen like this below:


You can now add different streams to your tabs based on the profile you choose. You can also add a search query by clicking on “Search” and choosing a profile then entering a search term. See below:

22FB Profile and Search Query

Once the above search query was added you’ll find another tab appears like the one below (yours will look different based on your own networks). The result may or may not be relevant, as it’s only going on the keyword.

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