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Additional Hootsuite Dashboard Information (continued)

On the left of the screen you’ll see various icons starting with the “Stream” button that looks like a house. These icons have a vertical instead of horizontal orientation. Let’s talk a bit about each of the icons in turn.

Just as when you do a search with Google, the results sometimes aren’t pertinent. But it is a good way to search on your social networks so that you can monitor the buzz about your industry, topic, and learn insights that you can use to better serve your audience.

23FB Search Query Result

You can have many searches to help you find discussions that might be relevant to your needs. This type of information can help you find ways to market your business better. Researching the competition is an important component in using HootSuite to its maximum capability.

As you go through the list, adding the different social media accounts to tabs, you are essentially creating your dashboard. You can also change the name of tabs easily by simply clicking on them, highlighting and then typing in a new descriptive name.

You can make a different tab for each social network, and then see in one glance the wall posts, search terms, messages and events for each. Here is an example of a set up to monitor a group owned by someone else. You can watch the stream, search the group and see any of your scheduled posts.

24Sample Tab

If you want to “like” the post from here you can do so by clicking the little “thumbs up” icon.

25like or choose

If you click the down arrow that’s highlighted above, you will bring up a short menu that allows you to perform other actions, such as; creating a comment stream, sending to email, assigning it to someone on your team to deal with, or sending the conversation to an organization that you have set up. By using the “Add a stream” button in green on the right, you can add more networks to this one tab, or a new tab, or add apps like Instagram, YouTube.com and Google Drive.

If you create a comment stream from any page or group that you have followed, joined or liked, then you can easily comment on any of the discussions right from the HootSuite Dashboard.

It will create a new area that looks like this:

26comment stream

A comment stream opens up the ability to comment on any post right from HootSuite. Instead of having to go sign into the particular account that you want to send a message from, you can just do it right from the HootSuite dashboard.

HootSuite is a very powerful social media management tool. It is likely that you could use it for a solid year and still not realize all the powerful potential that it has. What’s important is that you take the time to try it out and experiment with the different functions, to find out how you can best use it for your needs.



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