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Creative Uses of HootSuite

Using HootSuite and all its abilities and features will take a while because there is simply so much to learn. But, here are a few truly creative ways to use HootSuite right now.

  • Send a Message – Now that doesn’t seem that creative does it? Well, the fact is, having the ability to compose a message, add in a link and shrink it, as well as add a hashtag, then schedule the message to go out whenever you want and wherever you want it is very creative. It’s simple and oftentimes simple is as creative as you need to be.
  • Cross-Pollinate – Believe it or not you cannot know whether everyone following you on Twitter is also following you on Facebook, and so forth. So using HootSuite to send the same message to multiple social networks is a great idea. However, consider setting them up separately to go out at different times so they can be slightly different and unique so that those who are following you on multiple platforms don’t get bored with your updates.
  • Use RSS Feeds – Distributing blog content using RSS feeds is a great way to use HootSuite. When set up properly, you can update all your social networks with any new blog posts by simply setting up the RSS feeds to automatically post where you choose and when you choose.
  • Get Organized – With HootSuite you can get super-organized with all your social media. You can create different tabs in your dashboard, and then have several streams within each dashboard. Create a tab for Twitter, and then within that tab have several streams in order to keep track of mentions about your business. You can separate your tabs in strategic ways to monitor each social media network at a glance, and then activity within each network at a glance.
  • Get Visual – Today visual content is more important than ever. Get creative with your visual content by uploading pictures and/or screenshots that you take yourself with each update. HootSuite makes it simple to add pictures to your updates for all your social media accounts.
  • Use Apps – There are many apps that are perfect for marketing, research and more. Try different apps such as WP HootSuite Dashboard, TrendSpottr, and ContentGems, which will up the ante in your online marketing exponentially. Try a couple free apps first, and then move on to some premium ones as you test out their capacity.
  • Stream Information Live – By using the right hashtags you can set up a temporary stream to watch information being shared about a topic, subject or event. The information that you gather can be fodder for future blog posts, curated content, and other information that you can use to connect to your audience.
  • Manage Lists – With HootSuite you can use public and private lists with Twitter to keep track of specific people or businesses that you want to follow. This will ensure that you don’t miss anything from them. You can even create a list just for @mentions of your business, industry or a particular topic.

HootSuite.com is so useful that you’re sure to come up with many creative ways to use it on your own. How you organize and what you organize is completely up to you with HootSuite.com.

Tips for Success Using HootSuiteUsing HootSuite to help you manage your social media is really a no brainer. It’s inexpensive, effective, and feature rich. Social media is an important element that you must use for all your online marketing if you want to be successful. But, regardless of which social media you use, or even the tool that you use, there are some tried and true tips for success that you need to consider.

  1. Decide Your Goals & Objectives – Once you try out the different functions that HootSuite has to offer you can set out to create a few specific objectives and goals. For everything you do in your business it is important for you to have a plan, because without goals and objectives it will be hard to move forward.
  1. Develop Your Strategy & Tactics – Your strategy consists of what you are going to do to reach your objectives and goals. Your tactics are how you will those objectives and goals, including which tools you’ll use. For instance, you may have a strategy to improve engagement through social media. The tactics you use might be to implement more commenting on social media, using HootSuite as the tool to do so
  1. Create a Plan of Action – No objective, goal, strategy or tactic can be completed without a solid plan of action. By creating actionable steps to do each day to reach your goal you’ll be more likely to reach or exceed your own expectations.

When you think about it, anything that you do requires those three considerations. Understand your goals & objectives, know what strategy and tactics you’ll use, and be able to share it with your team while creating a plan to follow through until the project is successful. HootSuite.com can make the process of social media marketing easier by managing your social media in one place, on one easy-to-use dashboard.

Get Started Now

Using HootSuite for social media management is an excellent choice for you to organize, plan, monitor and execute all your social media goals and objectives. Having everything in one place can save time, effort and money. To take the first steps toward using HootSuite, be sure to learn everything you can about the software, or hire someone who is an expert in setting it up and using it.

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