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How Social Media Advertising Differs From Other Advertising

Social media has quickly become a staple in our everyday lives, personally and professionally. It’s had a great impact on how we market and how consumers and brands are both benefitting from the changes.

Social media marketing is different from traditional marketing in many ways.

Businesses are finding the advantages of social media advertising are great.


For one thing it’s a lot cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. For example, you can reach 1,000 people at a fraction of the cost as through television or email.


Social media marketing is interactive and engaging. Brands can interact with consumers creating a true relationship marketing campaign. This ability to engage one-on-one you’re your audience lets you deliver customized campaigns and messages directly to your customers.

The results with social media are measurable and brands can take immediate action when they spot trends. Traditional advertising, on the other hand, depends on the number of impressions they receive. It takes months before results can be measured.


Social media advertising gives you the chance to get an immediate response to your ad. In traditional advertising – radio, newspaper ads, TV- it’s more difficult to interact immediately with your audience. In traditional advertising your audience has to take some further step such as memorizing a website they will have to visit.

Let’s face it; people want things to be easy and uncomplicated. With social media, they can get all the information they need without any extra effort. All they have to do is click on your ad and immediately they are watching your video or reading the information you provide.


Advertising on social media lets you be in front of your customers constantly, changing and adapting quickly to buyer input. Traditional advertising is often planned months in advance.

Communication Model

Social media advertising is a multi-directional communication model. Social media’s ability to see a message go viral as it’s passed from user to user or website to website is more influential than ever in marketing. It allows both your business and the consumer to be able to talk and listen to each other quickly.


When you advertise on social media, your original message not only goes to those using your original site, but it gets passed from user to user throughout other social media sites as well. This is the best of how the ripple effect of word of mouth can turn a message quickly into a viral message all over the internet.

Reputation management

With social media, you can keep track of what people are saying about your business. You can see instantly whether the message you posted is well received or a flop. With traditional marketing, it takes time and resources to find out if your message is being well received.


Social media advertising allows you to tap into the latest technologies such as smartphones tablets and other mobile devices whereas traditional advertising is limited to static sources like newspapers, television or radio spots.

There are many differences between traditional advertising and social media advertising. Engagement and relationship building are big differences in how social media marketing is changing the way you market to your customers.

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