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Social Media Tips for Success: How to Stand Out


As more companies use social media advertising it will become necessary to create ads that stand out among the crowd. It’s true that many people you are advertising to will not have heard of your business or product. You will need to lure them in with a bigger incentive and eye-catching ads. The incentive can be anything from a contest to a free product. Giving them something free is often the incentive they need to continue following you.

Social media isn’t just for posting content but for funneling potential buyers from these networks to your marketing funnel. Begin by creating and sharing valuable blog posts or eBooks. Watch to see which ones are popular by the likes, shares or retweets they receive. Create and promote your popular content using the ad units like Facebook Promoted Posts, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, and Twitter Promoted Tweets.

Tip # 1 Try to include a contest or competition in your ad. Incentives are good even for small companies and repeated contests or competitions can make your users realize there are multiple chances of winning a prize. That means they will be more likely to follow.

Tip #2 Stand out with colors in your ad that catches the eye. You don’t need to use several contrasting colors (although you can if it promotes your product well). Just use ones that make your ad shine.

Tip #3 Use well-known images. This could include your logo if people will recognize it easily or some other image easily recognizable. It’s impossible to know which images will appeal to your users though. So the best advice is to run three separate images under one campaign. Within a day or two you will know which images work. Then just stop the ones that don’t work.

Tip # 4 Offer something for free. You can give away an eBook or coupon that leads customers to an email sign up page or a paid product. The ad should promote a free item, though, to get people to click on it.

Tip # 5 Be time specific with what’s going on in the world around you. Take into account what your audience cares about. The ad you create needs to create a connection between you and your audience and current events.

Tip # 6 Start with a clear objective of what you want your ad to achieve. You need to define your objectives and know what you want to gain from your ad. Is it to gain awareness of your brand or are you wanting to drive customers to make a purchase?

Tip #7 Know your audience. Set very specific target criteria based on your user’s interests, their activities, who their friends are, the magazines and TV shows they watch and any other demographics you can think of. Segment down to the tiniest of increments when possible.

Tip #8 Get to the point immediately. Don’t leave the audience guessing what you mean or want. For example, if you want them to like your page, ask them to.

It’s easy to get lost among all the other businesses advertising on social media. You have to create campaigns in a way that makes them stand out. Use specific colors, images and demographics to target certain users. Learn what works and what doesn’t by experimenting.

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