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Videos are one of the best teaching tools on the web. They are used to sell, teach, and inform. The problem with videos is they can be difficult to create. You need a video camera, sound equipment, graphics, and time to learn to the various aspects of creating a video. And then if you want to share how to do something, such as a using a particular piece of computer software, you have to figure out how to take a myriad of screenshots and implement them into your video. There is an easier way though.

Screen Capture Video software, like Camtasia Studio, created by TechSmith, has made it easy to create online tutorials with just a few clicks.

Screen capture video software has become quite popular in recent years. Screen capture videos are often quick and easy to make with online software. Video capture software allows you to record anything from your computer screen and save it for later use. The software has built in editing for your recordings, the ability to change the audio or add your voice onto the video or to add text into the video. You can capture a still image from the video or add other graphic options within the video.

Creating screen capture videos is an option for different reasons. You might choose to capture video shots from your computer screen to be saved for later use. It could be that you want to record a video to view when the Internet isn’t available, or as a presentation to post online, or to create a tutorial to train others or one of a million other ways videos are used.

If you aren’t sure what a screenshot is, or a “screen capture” as it’s sometimes referred to, it is an image of what is showing on your computer screen that can be saved as a graphics or video file.

Tutorials, directions, product demonstrations, facts and everything from blenders to software can be demonstrated through a screencast video.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a graphic artist, a videographer, a software designer, a writer, a teacher or a home school parent, using screencast video is a fun and easy way to create tutorial videos to share online.

Using video in your marketing is attractive for a various reasons. For one, making videos and posting them online is one of the least expensive ways to market. Online videos remain online forever, so you spend money and time once to create the video that can be getting views and making money, if that’s the objective, for years.

Social media loves video. Videos go viral at an alarming rate when you create quality ones. Using an online screen capture software program is one of the best ways to create them.

In this guide, we’re going to break down what screen capture software is, the benefits of using the software, different uses of the software and why Camtasia is the preferred software of thousands. Next we’ll look at how to create a tutorial video and finally, some tips for helping you make quality videos.

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