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Camtasia: The Superior Tool


Called the granddaddy of screen capture software, Camtasia is widely used by those who create instructional videos. Available on both the Mac and Windows platforms, it has many features including interactive quizzes and clickable hotspots within the video.

It’s an excellent choice for anyone wanting to easily create teaching, informative, or product or service marketing videos.

What makes it superior to other screencast tools?

Camtasia Studio lets you create professional style interactive videos and multimedia projects that are great for training and sales needs, for sharing information and for creating simple how-to tutorials.

You might be surprised to learn that the YouTube video you watched explaining how to edit an image in Photoshop was created using Camtasia. Or the video explaining how to create an Excel spreadsheet was made with Camtasia software.

The core function of Camtasia Studio has always been Camtasia Record. It has the ability to import and edit video clips together, add music and images and so much more, making Camtasia one of the best tools for creating tutorial videos.

This software lets you create videos showing your screen-based activities, such as cursor movement and your menu choices. Once you hit the Record button, every action on your computer monitor is recorded. The resulting video is a smooth, not jerky, recording. No more cutting and editing to splice together a video. That’s because of Camtasia has optimized their capture engine for high-definition video, allowing you to record 30 frames per second.

Capturing screencasts in Camtasia is easy and straightforward. Simply choose the size or the window of what you want to capture. Then click the Record button and continue doing whatever action you need in the software you are recording. For example, if you are showing how to create an overlay in PicMonkey, then click on Record in Camtasia, move your mouse to the overlay button (the butterfly) and continue with the steps.

When you are done, hit F10. Camtasia will convert everything you did into a movie.

It’s that easy.

Camtasia’s wide range of editing tools helps you smooth the rough spots or add extras. Some options include:

  • Inserting title pages
  • Adding captions, callouts
  • Inserting photos or other video clips
  • Adding music
  • Highlighting mouse clicks or cursor movements
  • Adding clickable links
  • Cropping areas
  • Reordering images
  • Adding interactive quizzes

Camtasia saves and exports your movie into many different formats including MP4, FLV, SWF, MPV, AVI, Silverlight-compatible WMV, MOV, animated GIF or MP3.

You can upload your recording directly to YouTube or TechSmith’s video hosting service, Screencast.com.

These are just a few reasons why Camtasia Studio is one of the best screencasting tools. It makes it easy to record what’s happening on your computer, and then turn that action into a polished video you can share with the world.

The software program has a wide variety of applications. Whether you want to create a demo on how to use your latest product or service or record step-by-step technical support on how to do a complicated computer task, Camtasia Studio is powerful enough to complete the task.


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