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How To Use Camtasia Screen Capture Software

Getting started with screencasting software takes a few minutes and then you’re up and ready to begin recording. For this demonstration, I’m using Camtasia Studio.

Sign in to your account or sign up for an account. Download the software.

There are two ways to open Camtasia. Click the icon to open the software or, if you are using PowerPoint slides, open from within PowerPoint.
The Welcome window appears when you open Camtasia studio. From here you can record the screen with the recorder, import media, see recent projects, click on free training options or visit the TechSmith community.

4- welcome

To begin recording, click the red record button.
Begin by selecting what you want to record. You can do full screen or select certain areas of the screen. Click the Capture button to bring up the recording options. Choose Select area to record to change the area you want recorded.


A green line surrounds the recording area when you click the record button. To move the recording area, drag the compass icon located inside the recording area to the new location on your screen.
To resize the area, drag on a handle in the corner in or out to the size you want.


By default the software records full screen, meaning everything on your screen is recorded.
The default settings are shown in the image below. The full screen works best for most recordings. The bar at the bottom shows your microphone and system audio. Both record by default.

Press F10 when you want to stop recording.

The video stops recording and opens up the Preview screen. Here you can watch your video, save it, make edits or produce it to be shared.


When you click on the produce button, you’re asked to give your video a name. You are then taken to the Production Wizard


Choose where you want to share it from the drop down menu.

Click next. Choose where you want to save your video. Then click Finish.
That’s it. Your first video is done.

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