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Twitter For Business Step By Step Guides

Getting Started on Twitter

Contrary to all predictions, Twitter marketing hasn’t gone away. In fact, this year it is finally becoming the powerhouse means of marketing communication everyone except Twitter knew it had the potential to be.

And if your market is active on Twitter, you will find yourself needing to sign up right away.

This guide will help you get through the process quickly and effectively.

Step 1: Choosing Your Twitter Name

Choosing your Twitter name, or “handle”, is not something to be rushed through. Sure, you can change it if you later decide it’s not working for you – but if you’ve built up any sort of following, don’t count on them following you under your new name – or even seeing your tweet about changing your Twitter handle.

Your Twitter handle is always preceded by the “@” sign.

Using your real name is preferred, but what do you do if “@marysmith” is taken?

Twitter itself will suggest options such as “@MarySmith34089283” but adding a number to your name is not something people easily remember, even if it’s just “1” or “2”.

If you have strongly branded title, you can add that to your name (or substitute it): For example, “@MarySmithDiaperQueen” or simply “@DiaperQueen”.

The big rule to keep in mind is:

  • Make your Twitter handle easy to remember.

Numbers and unnecessary capitalization will get in the way of this. The only time you should capitalize your name? If not capitalizing might visually confuse your audience and/or alter the meaning of what they read.

For example: “@AliciaAdams” is easier to read than “@aliciaadams”. And you really don’t want to create any confusion with names that could be read as something else when the first and last name is run together.

To find out if your twitter name is already taken: Type “https://twitter.com/yourname” into your browser search bar.

1- Twitter search-your-name

If there’s a profile for that name, you’ll be asked to log in. If not, you’ll be told: “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” and you can go ahead and sign up with it.


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