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Step By Step Twitter Business Guides 2

 Step 2: Setting Up Your Twitter Account

When you’re ready to set up your account, go to Twitter.com and enter your full name, email address and password of choice into the “New to Twitter? Sign up” box.

Press the yellow “Sign up for Twitter” button.


Next, enter your personal information at the prompts.


You can change your username later, but if you’re not using your own first and last name it’s best to find a good one now: For one thing, you will be able to instantly see which possible usernames are available and which are not….


Notice you will see suggestions provided, based on keywords (such as your name) that you’ve entered within the profile.

Pick the best name and press: “Create My Account”.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Timeline

You will then meet “The Twitter Teacher”, who will walk you through basics such as the maximum length of a tweet.


This wizard will also frog-march you through a Twitter Timeline setup process.

  • You must select five people to follow. For the sake of a speedy set up, just pick any of the suggestions – you can always unfollow them the moment your Timeline has been set up and your Twitter profile is live.

Note, however, that Twitter likes to search any keyword you use – including what’s in the profiles and tweets of the people you follow. For a really streamlined, focus timeline, take the time to:

  • Check the Twitter handles of people or companies you want to follow on their website.6-check-website
  • Don’t follow them directly from the page that opens up: Instead, note their Twitter handle and go back to the Twitter Teacher wizard. Use its search box to find and follow them.7-search-for-people
  • The Twitter Teacher wizard then prompts you to add five celebrities. Simply enter your main keyword into the search bar, and choose from the results served up.8-five-celebrities

(Remember – there are always “celebrities” within even the smallest niche!)

  • Next, you’ll be prompted to add people from your email accounts. You can go along with this or press the “Skip” anchor text.9-add-contacts
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