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Step By Step Twitter Business Guides 3

Step 4:Seting Up Your Twitter Profile

The Twitter wizard will then ask you to upload a profile photo.

In most online business scenarios a close headshot is the way to go: However, if you intend to brand a business rather than yourself, use your logo (or a highly identifiable detail from it).


Note there are a variety of file formats you can use, as well as a maximum size of 700K.

Your photo will appear in larger format on your profile page, so take advantage of this and upload a larger photo.

If your photo doesn’t appear, check the inbox of the email address you signed up with and make sure you actually have confirmed your new Twitter account.


(If you haven’t clicked on the link within the confirmation letter, do so right away.)

You may see another prompt to upload your photo, along with a profile slug to the left. Select the “Upload now” button.


You will then see your profile page.

You should then:

  • Add your location
  • Type in your website URL
  • Upload a custom header for your profile page (size: 1252 X 626 pixels)
  • Optional: Select the “Connect to Facebook” option to automatically post tweets to your Facebook profile (personal Timeline) or Page13-add header

Making the Most of Your Header

Your header will automatically display:

  • Your profile photo and Twitter handle
  • Your bio

Take that into account when designing your header.


Note also that transparency is not supported. Gradients will not gradiate to white: only to a mid grey tone, so plan your text colors accordingly if you wish to use a gradient.

Check to see that your header uploads successfully. Then right-click on the “your profile” anchor text and select “open in a new window” (or tab) to view your new profile.


From your profile, you can:

  • Edit your profile
  • Check your direct (private) messages (the black envelope icon).
  • See who is following you, who you are following
  • Access your lists and favorites
  • Check the latest trends
  • Find friends
  • Look at suggestions of people to follow
  • View your tweets

You can also check the number count on tweets, followers, and how many people you are following.

Note that direct messages can be sent to any of your followers, and must be 140 characters or less.

More about Your Twitter Header

Twitter headers are valuable real estate, so make the most of them! Here’s what you can do – and what you need to know about them.

  • In addition to a dimension of 1252 X 626 pixels, file size must be under 5mb.
  • Your bio, username and links will display in white text. Keep that in mind when choosing a background color.
  • Twitter users will only see your header when they check out your profile
  • There are currently no restrictive rules as to text ratio or content

This last factor allows you many options, including adding:

  • Your tag line
  • Your physical contact information
  • your telephone, mobile and FAX number
  • Your website URL
  • A promotional message
  • Graphics
  • QR codes

If your followers are big mobile users, adding a QR code is an easy, extra way to get them to check out your website, special offer or landing page.

You can create a QR code in seconds with free generators such as Delivr. You won’t be able to copy the code into your header – but you can copy the resulting graphic and insert it into your header as a graphic element, which should work just fine. (In fact, Delivr allows you to download it instantly as a graphic.)


And this is what it might look like, copy-pasted into your header…


Again, the central logo (or profile headshot) and all text in white are what automatically populate your header graphic.

The pot photo, QR code graphic, studio name, address and URL are optional elements included and positioned by the user into the header graphic.

When you have uploaded your header and updated your profile within the Twitter wizard, be sure to Save the changes!


Now that your profile is set up, don’t waste time – start tweeting!

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