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Twitter Business – Finding And Managing People 2

Twitter Finding and Managing People 2

  1. Use your @Connect Button.

But what do you do when your new “Followers” numbers grow too large, and you simply can’t tell if you’ve gained new followers or not?

Click on your @Connect button to instantly see who has:

  • Interacted with you (that includes new follows)\
  • Mentioned you
  1. Reply and Acknowledge All Mentions

If someone has mentioned you (e.g. “#BarnOwlPottery, that was a great tip about keeping clay damp”), here’s your perfect chance to acknowledge and reply – which is possibly your most important Twitter-growing strategy.

People appreciate personal notice – particularly if they’ve responded to a tweet of yours in the first place.

And, face it, Twitter is littered with people who don’t bother to acknowledge those who retweet and respond. Your interactive habits will certainly stand out! Plus people who check out your profile when you’ve just “followed” them will see that you are a friendly person who engages… and they will be more likely to follow you back. (In other words, they won’t be wasting their time on you.)

Besides, it’s more fun when you chat to everyone at the barbecue. You don’t want to make anyone feel he or she is sitting, ignored, in a corner (particularly when they brought the Smores).

  1. Check In with Those You Are Following

And speaking of responding, do remember to check out the “Following” button as well, every time you log on.


See what those you follow are up to – and respond to their tweets, if any resonate with you.


Never, ever respond just for the sake of being noticed. If there’s a link, check it out and – if you feel strongly enough about what you’ve just read, heard or seen – reference a specific detail from the link destination (i.e. article or video).

It’s all about bringing value to the conversation.

  1. Retweet

Again, never retweet just for the sake of retweeting. All that will do is quickly train your followers to ignore your retweets!

If you find something highly useful or interesting to your fellow niche members, however – especially if it’s something to which comments would feel superfluous – go ahead and retweet.

  1. Use Your #Discover Button

Another tab to check daily: Your #Discover button.

Click on it, and other avenues for new contacts will open up. For example, here we have clicked the Activity tab in the left-hand menu, and can instantly see that one business we are following in turn recently followed two new Twitter accounts…


If these new contacts look interesting, we can then check out their profiles by clicking on the profile photos and following them too. (This where making sure during set up that we only followed people relevant to our niche and interests really pays off.)

(And it’s always nice to see that others followed you too!)

  1. Create and Use Twitter Lists

Did you know you can create and use lists on Twitter? In fact, you can make up to 1,000 lists; each containing as many as 5,000 accounts.

It’s easy to create a Twitter list. Here’s how…

    • Go to your profile, and click on the “Lists” tab in your profile left-hand menu
    • Click on the “Create list” button
  • Name your list (25 characters or less) and provide a description. Use your keywords. Set whether or not your list will be public or private (for your eyes only) by clicking the radio button of your choice.
  • Save your list.

Twitter Business – Finding And Managing People Continues

The conclusion of Finding and Managing Contacts in Twitter in the next post. So please join us for the final post.

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