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Twitter Business Guide For Posting

A Basic Guide To Twitter Posting

Now that your profile is set up, it’s time to start tweeting! There are many ways to do this, but let’s start with a basic tweet.

Step 1. Simple Text Updates

Go to your Twitter home feed (if saving your profile didn’t automatically send you there). Click anywhere within the textarea box that says “Compose new tweet.”

Type your message (140 characters or less) in the textarea box. When it is finished, just click on the Tweet button to post it to the Twitter stream.


Step 2. Adding Images

You can also add videos and images to your tweets.

Simply type in your message: Then click on the camera icon.


You will be prompted to upload a photo from your hard drive, and Twitter will automatically create a link for it, which will be displayed in your tweet (so make sure you leave enough room for the link).

Viewers then have the option of viewing your photo by clicking on either the link or the anchor text stating: “View photo”.

This is what your followers will see if they click on the latter…


You can also include your own link, if you have a photo hosted online. Don’t use the camera icon, in this case: Just copy-paste your link right into your tweet.

Again, remember to leave room in your tweet for people to reply or retweet.

Your followers can hide or view your photo, reply, favorite it and “***More*. Make sure you get into the habit of favoriting highly relevant photos from your followers’ tweets, to make sure they engage with you.

Step 3. Adding a Location

Adding a location is something you can do to generate interest when you’re on the move – say, during a Workshop Tour encompassing several cities or states. (Or even simply if you’re on vacation and want everyone to know.)

You can add your location to your tweet by clicking on the little location icon at the bottom of your tweet.


People will have to select the “Expand/Collapse” option to see where you are.



One little idiosyncrasy: If you enable the location icon tab during set up, it may dump your location into your header, interfering with your design.

The location option can be enabled and disabled at any time.

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