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Step 4. Tracking Your Twitter Chat Hashtag

Once your own unique, custom hashtag has been created, you can search it in Hashtags.org also; this will show you:

  • How it’s behaving – or trending
  • Who has tweeted it
  • Your hashtag’s most “Prolific Users”
  • Estimated tweets per hour
  • Related hashtags

In particular, checking its usage over a 24-hour period can tell you which times are best to promote it. Seeing actual usage also tells you not just the times, but when your target audience is online.14-24-hr-graph

You can also use other apps and tracking sites, such as Tagboard.16-tagboard

On the down side, Tagboard has no analytics, but it is a fast, simple interface that instantly shows you a Pinterest-type display of search results, if you type in your hashtag.

16-tagboard-results Keyhole is definitely another tracking choice you should explore further: For one thing, it provides a special tab for promoting and finding Twitter Chats!17-keyhole

Tracking is important – but it’s only helpful if you learn from it and apply what you learned to your next Twitter Chat.


The really important take-aways to note are:

  1. Choose your hashtag and event to suit your audience
  2. Check to make sure it is not related to an offensive hashtag or already being used
  3. Actively promote your hashtag and event (and ask others to do so too)
  4. Don’t spam (no multiple tweets from one person, five times an hour)
  5. Track your hashtag and learn from its peaks, lows and performance

But there’s one more important step to take…

  • Create your next Twitter Chat!



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