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Twitter Automation Continued

  1. HootSuite – This social media manager has been going “forever” and is one of the most popular. Its ease of use is often cited as a big reason for this – though the interface has changed over the years (like everything else on the net).14-hootsuite

You can manage up to five personal accounts for free; after that, prices begin at $8.95 per month. Unlike many other paid plans, however, HootSuite doesn’t just offer extra features; it also offers exceptional value and unique bonuses with its paid plans, including a free Ow.ly custom vanity URL and free social media coaching.

Even with HootSuite’s free account, you have access to:

  • Message scheduling
  • RSS
  • Basic analytics reporting
  • Basic app integrations
  • Brand mention tracking

Its easy message-scheduling capacity is what attracted most long-time users initially, however: And it is also what keeps them loyal.

Step 3. Mobile Twitter Apps

When you go to sign up for any stats or social media site, do check to see if it is optimized for mobile.

  • Some (like Twitalyzer) are available as mobile apps
  • Some aren’t
  • Some are available only for particular mobiles

If you use Twitter on your mobile (and especially if your target audience does too), you will find mobile apps essential tools.

  1. HootSuite for Mobile – HootSuite is one of the premiere methods of choice for managing pre-scheduled tweets. One reason: It works particularly well on mobile!15-hootsuite-for mobile
  2. Birdbrain – This iPhone app used to be glitchy and prone to crashes, but when it runs well, it does a visually pleasing and excellent job of presenting stats via your mobile. And according to its fans, it is now running very well indeed.16-birdbrain

With Birdbrain, you can track “as many accounts as you wish” and manage past and present followers, as well as find targeted Twitter users and even track statistics.

  1. Tweet-r – This iPhone app is strictly for sending and scheduling tweets, but it features a powerhouse of options for doing this – including video and graphics functionality.17-tweetr-for-iphone

Its features include:

  • Automatic URL shortening
  • Uploading images while you are completing your tweet
  • Autosave on exit (or when a call unexpectedly comes in – a really nice feature)
  • Scheduling
  • Saved drafts

And more.

You can also have “many users” for one account. Cost: Currently $3.99 at the iTunes store.

ConclusionOf Automating Twitter

There are hundreds of Twitter apps, dashboard managers and services. These are just a few of the most popular, so we are going to leave you with a link to a Daily Tekk list of The Top 100 Twitter Tools of 2012; all nicely organized by category (and most of them still active and relevant).

Remember only to choose Twitter automation that works for your business and preferences. That’s when automation truly becomes your friend.

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