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Stitcher (http://www.stitcher.com/) is a source for portable and personalized news and talk internet radio, including podcasts. It’s an on-demand radio service that provides free online streaming from online and through mobile devices such as Android or iOS platforms.

Founded in 2008, Stitcher “stitches” the content you want into personalized, current stations you can easily access on your iPhone or other device including a desktop. Every day, the newest shows are streamed to you automatically.

With over 20,000+ radio shows and podcasts, you can listen to your favorites anytime, anywhere.

According to Stitcher, they have everything from NPR’s Fresh Air to Adam Carolla, WNYC’s Radiolab to the Wall Street Journal, Rush Limbaugh to Rachel Maddow, and more.

Create your own radio and podcast playlists by browsing through their different shows or selecting a pre-set station from the Stitcher editors like Top 20 News and Politics or the Top 20 Comedy Shows.

Discover new radio shows and podcasts from Stitcher’s recommendations. When you subscribe to one show, Stitcher shows you what other shows listeners are listening to.


There are many benefits of submitting your podcast to Stitcher.

If you run a podcast, Stitcher will get your show in front of its rapidly-growing database of listeners. Stitcher helps you build awareness of your show and drive listeners to your show.

Stitcher helps you find new listeners by promoting your show on their platform.

Stitcher is available on all mobile devices, both mobile and in-car.

You get access to deep metrics of who is listening to your show. You receive not only your download totals but also analytics on your audience’s engagement, their behavior and several other metrics to help you understand you listeners and their reactions to your programs.

So how do you get started?

Getting Started

Log in to Stitcher Radio Content Provider at (http://www.stitcher.com/content-providers.php). This is the page to sign up to add your podcast.


Fill out the form to become a partner. Agree to the terms and click Continue.

Fill out the welcome form with your name, website address and address. Click Continue.3-sign


Fill out the information for the show you are submitting to Stitcher. You’ll need your RSS feed from your show here. Enter your keywords. Click Next.4-show

If you have a new podcast, you may receive a warning message. If you do, check to see if your RSS feed link is correct. If not, edit the information and click Submit Application.5-warning

You will receive a message that Stitcher is reviewing your application. You will be able to log into your Partner Portal once your show is up. Stitcher will send a welcome email with the information you need to continue.6-messageThat’s it. You have submitted your show to Stitcher.

What’s Next

Getting signed up on Stitcher is quick and easy. Just submit your RSS feed link and they do the rest.

Stitcher allows you to keep all your advertising messages intact within your show so you can still monetize your podcast through your own advertising sales.

Stitcher helps you expand your audience by providing you with its rapidly expanding database of listeners. They will soon be adding an affiliate program to help content partners make money.


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