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Guest Interviewing For Podcast

Interviewing Brainstorming Sheet/Checklist For Podcast

Now that you’ve created a money-making podcast, you’re ready to start interviewing guests. You probably have an idea of people you want to interview but maybe you’re not sure what the best way to contact them is, or how to conduct the interview for that matter.

This brainstorming/checklist sheet helps you think through the necessary steps to conducting an interview.

Interview Etiquette on Contacting Your Guest

Have I composed a polite email with the subject “Interview Request”? ____________________

Before contacting my guest, do I have an idea how long the interview will be? ______________

Do I know how many questions I want to ask them? ___________________________________

When will the interview take place? ________________________________________________

Have I given them enough information so they can make a decision? _____________________

podcastPre-Interview: Guest and Subject Research

  • Have I researched my guest? ______________________________________________
  • What information can help me form questions for the interview? _____________________________________________________________________
  • Do I know how to pronounce my guest’s name, website and business name correctly? ______________________________________________________________________
  • What products or services does he/she offer that my audience would be interested in? ______________________________________________________________________
  • If he/she is an author, have I read his/her book? Made notes? ____________________

Pre-Interview: Talking to the Guest

  • Have I conducted a pre-interview with my guest? _______________________________
  • Are they knowledgeable about their topic? ____________________________________
  • Will the person make a good guest? _________________________________________
  • Have I scheduled the official interview? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________________

Questions to Ask:

  • These include the research I did ahead of time _________________________________
  • They take into account the questions from the pre-interview_______________________


  • My questions don’t allow for simple one-word answers______________________________


  • If I have trouble coming up with questions, have I used the five standard journalist questions? :


    • What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about X…?
    • What’s your key piece of advice on X…?
    • How would you explain topic X to a newcomer?
    • What keeps you interested in X…?
    • What drives you mad about X…?



Sample questions I could ask are:


  • Other experts in (guest’s area of expertise) suggest doing it this way. How would you approach this problem?


  • Do you have any advice for people who …


  • Are there any other items you’d like to talk about?


  • Who are you?


  • What is the event we are talking about?


  • When does it happen?


  • Where do people go?


  • Why did you create this opportunity?


  • How do people do this?



How I Will Promote Their Products:

  • Do I allow my guest a minute or two at the end of the interview to promote their product to my listeners?


  • Do I include a link to their product in my show notes?




  • Do they have social media links I can share on my show notes page? On social media?



  • Do they have a logo image I can post on my show notes page?



  • Have I received a copy of their bio – a short bio of them and their business (or the products they are selling) to post on my show notes page?


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