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PowerPoint Tutorial

How To Use PowerPoint

You’re ready to create your first PowerPoint presentation. It’s exciting. But you have no idea how to use Microsoft PowerPoint. You need a crash course on all the features and tools that go into creating a great presentation.

Multimedia presentations open up your options for showcasing your products or services. PowerPoint is a great tool to start with. With it you can incorporate sound bites, photographs, charts, graphs and animated images into a presentation.

PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program developed by Microsoft. It was officially launched on May 22, 1990, as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Since that time it has evolved into one of the most popular programs for creating slideshows.

PowerPoint is one of the easiest computer programs to begin using. Anyone can create professional looking presentations.

PowerPoint presentations can be turned into a web page you can email, or a presentation you display on your website.

It’s easy to customize your slide shows with your colors or your brand. You can use one of the many already done for you templates provided by Microsoft, or you can begin with a blank page. With all the add-ins and templates available online you can create a dazzling presentation in no time.

You can print your PowerPoint slide show as a handout or outline for your audience and for notes for you and your speakers to refer to. PowerPoint is an all-inclusive program for creating successful presentations for business and educational needs.

powerpoint_2003_02With PowerPoint 2007 (and newer versions) you can find all the bells and whistles you need to make your presentation interesting and more interactive to your audience. The basic features alone let you create some fantastic looking slides.

Speaking of the Features

PowerPoint is an extremely advanced and useful program that helps you create successful communications in the form of slide shows for presentations. PowerPoint’s many features are designed to help you create successful presentations you can be proud of.

Here are just a few of the features you can find in versions 2007 and later:

1) Smart Art

SmartArt isn’t the same as WordArt. WordArt simply lets you display text in different ways. SmartArt can be used to create professional diagrams that include text and pictures.

2) Inserting Shapes

This tool can be used to manually draw a diagram or insert various shapes. For example, you can insert a box that contains your title or a video.

3) Inserting an Image

These icons include the ability to Insert Picture from File or Insert Clip Art. With version 2010 you also get the new “Screenshot” option that lets you capture part or all of a window into your slide.

The Insert Picture from File icon lets you get images saved on your computer. Clip Art is the gallery of different media types on PowerPoint.

4) Slide Transitions

Slide transitions can make your presentations more interesting when used appropriately.

Two main kinds of transition are from one slide to the next and the animation of images/text on a specific slide.

5) Slide Layoutspowerpoint-slideshow-tutorial5

You can add your own placeholders, create layouts from them, and save and distribute these within the templates.

6) Save as Video (2010 version)

Now you can turn your presentation into a video with one click. It will be complete with sounds, narration, animation, transitions and slide timings.

7) Save to Web (SkyDrive) (2010 version)

With this feature, you can upload your slide show directly to SkyDrive. Then you can view it in a browser with the PowerPoint Web App.

8) Remove Background (2010 version)

This new tool lets you remove the background from an image.

9) Save as PDF and XPS (2010 version)

Saving in PDF or XPS formats guarantees your presentation will stay just as you created it. It’s also easier to print files saved in PDF or XPS.

10) Graphics Effect

The graphic effects tool lets you add different types of effects to your images and text. It includes fills, gradients, changing the outline shape, adding shadows and 3D rotation.

This is just a small list of the many features you can take advantage of when creating a slide show in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Tutorial Continues

In the next couple of posts we will continue to look at PowerPoint.  You can use this product in presentations that you make to people interested in social media.

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