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PowerPoint Tutorial 2

How to Use PowerPoint

PowerPoint is very user-friendly. All the icons are self-explanatory. Of course if you do make a mistake you can easily hit the Undo arrow in the top left corner of the window.

Begin by going to your program and clicking on the PowerPoint icon.

When you first open PowerPoint you are shown a blank slide. This is the start of a brand new presentation. This will be your title slide, and it’s ready to be customized.1-open

To open an existing presentation, click on the File tab and then on the Open folder. Search for the file you want.

Before you begin creating your presentation, get familiar with the main menu. The menus are located at the top of the screen. They include File, Home, Insert, Design, Transitions, Animations, Slideshow, Review, View, and Add-Ins.

The easiest way to get started with your PowerPoint presentation is to start with the design. The Design tab is where you will choose a template, colors and other design elements.2-design

PowerPoint comes preloaded with Themes. They work well if you don’t have time or the desire to create your own layout. You can find even more design options at the Microsoft website. Each theme can be customized by choosing a color palette, by changing the fonts or adding other effects to the theme.

Spend some time experimenting with the different options to see which design or color options will work best for your needs.

Think of design themes as a packaged deal, kind of like when you decorate a room. You choose colors and patterns that work together. PowerPoint has done this with their preloaded themes. Even if you use different slide types, you can still have different layouts or graphics. The background color or image and the fonts will all coordinate.

Loading a Template

You’ve played around with PowerPoint a bit and decide you want to pre-load a template. Loading a template is as easy as point and click.

Click new.

This brings you to the preloaded templates. Hover over each template icon to see it on your blank slide. You can preview all the templates this way before you commit to just one.3-templates

Select the template by hovering over the design, and clicking create.4-create

Your template shows up as a small image on the left side of your screen.5-template

You can change the color, font and effects of the background by clicking on the arrow at the right of the design themes panel. You can choose one of their color themes or create a custom palette.6-options

Customizing a Blank Slide

If you don’t want to use a template or prefer to create your own style, you can customize a blank slide. This is good for adding your logo, images and your own branding to a slide.

From the Design tab, click on the Format Background tab. The Background tab lets you create a custom background color, texture, pattern or even an image.7-background

The options for formatting the background are:

Solid Fill

You can change the color of the background to a solid color. Click on the small paint icon to open the color palette choices. Click on the color you want. You can also choose how transparent you want it by sliding the tab.

Gradient Fill

Gradient fill simply means the color you choose appears lighter or darker in certain areas. It looks like it’s fading. Click the gradient fill button, hide your background graphics by checking the box and choose your color.

Choose your selections and preview in the window. When you are happy with the selection, click ”apply to all”.

Picture Fill

Here is where you can add your own photo to the background of your slide. Click the picture or texture fill button. Click on “file to choose your image, then click open.

Adjust the percentages to make your image fit. Make any other adjustments like color or transparency.8-fill

Click “apply to all” when you are done.

Texture Fill

The final type of background is texture fill. To use this one, select the texture from the drop down menu. There are several to choose from. Click to select it and any custom tiling or transparency you want. You can upload your own texture or pattern the same way you did with images.

Customizing the background for your own needs is an easy process. You can use your own brand colors, logo and images to make your presentation consistent with all your marketing.

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