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PowerPoint Tutorial 3

PowerPoint Adding/Changing Text

Changing the fonts on each slide can be done easily. Click on the Fonts link and the hover over the fonts to see a preview of each one. Click on the one you want and save the project. This change takes effect for all the slide layouts in the theme for this project.

To add text to a new slide (the title slide will have text ready to be edited), click on the Insert tab, then the text box icon. 9-text

Draw your text box on your slide. Add text where the cursor is blinking. To change the options for the text, go to the home tab, and choose the options just like you would in a Word document.

Adding slides         

Now that you have your first slide formatted, you need to add more slides. The single slide that appears when you open PowerPoint has two placeholders, one formatted for a title and the other formatted for a subtitle. The arrangement of placeholders on a slide is called a layout.

To insert a new slide into your presentation, go to the Home tab.

In the Slides group, click on the arrow that is below the New Slide.10-slide

The thumbnails of the various slide layouts are shown.

There are different uses for each type of layout. They are each labeled for the type of content the layout is designed for.

Those that display colored icons can contain text as well as objects like SmartArt or clip art. You can insert the objects automatically by clicking on the icons.

Click on the layout you want.11-objects

Your new slide appears on the left side, where it’s highlighted as the current slide and as the large slide. Repeat these steps for each new slide you want to add.

Determine how many slides you need, remembering to make just one point on each slide. Then add as many new slides as you need. PowerPoint has done a lot of the hard work for you by including links to their objects, so all you have to do is add the content or images.

Inserting Images

Now let’s add some visuals to the slides. Images can be either ClipArt or photographs.

On the Insert tab, click on Picture in the Images group.

Choose the image you want to insert and double click on it. You can add multiple pictures by pressing and holding CTRL and then clicking the pictures you want to insert.12-insert

On slides that have the colored content icons, click on the image icon. Search for the image you want from your computer and double-click to insert it into the slide.

Remember to keep your images to a smaller size since they can increase the size of your presentation. From a design standpoint, try to use only one image per slide.13-image

Inserting Shapes

You can add one shape or multiple shapes to make a drawing. The shapes available include basic geometric shapes, arrows, equation shapes, flowchart shapes, stars, banners, and callouts.

On the Home tab, click on Shapes in the Drawing group.

Click on the shape you want to use. Click anywhere on your slide and drag the shape in place.14-shapes

When you are done adding shapes click esc.

Inserting Smart Art

The easiest way to add a SmartArt graphic is to use a slide layout that has the placeholder for the SmartArt graphic. Click on the Insert SmartArt button in the placeholder. After the gallery opens, choose the graphic you want by clicking on it. Click OK.15-smartart

Another option is to insert SmartArt graphics by clicking the SmartArt button on the Insert tab of the menu or ribbon tab.

Choose the SmartArt graphic category to explore the available graphics.

The categories include Line, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, and Pyramid.

The middle pane of the SmartArt gallery shows all the variants available in each category.

The last pane gives a large preview of the SmartArt you select, along with a description of it.

Once you have selected your graphic, click OK to make it active on your slide

You can change your SmartArt graphic later if it doesn’t look or fit in the way you want.

SmartArt graphics are quick and easy to add to your slides, and are a great way to add a new visual to your text.

Overview of Animation

In PowerPoint, animations are the visual effects that are applied to individual items on the slide, like the graphics, titles or bullet points. Animations are not for the slide itself. Animations can make your presentation stand out and more memorable.

The most common type of animation effects are the entrances and exits of text, such as having each bullet point slide in as you talk about it.

Visual effects can be applied to blocks of text, bulleted items, SmartArt and titles.

Adding animation is a fairly simple process. Simply select the text or object you want to animate. Then click the animation effect from the gallery in the Animations tab.

In the gallery, entrance effects icons are green, emphasis effects icons are yellow, and exit effects icons are red for easier reference.

You can change how your selection animates by clicking on the Effect Options and clicking on what you want the animation to use.

For the timing of the effects, you need to go to the Animations tab and follow the commands in the Timing group.

Animations on your slides can be a great way to hold your audience’s attention. You can animate different elements in PowerPoint slides to create just the right effect.

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