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YouTube Basic Publishing Features

YouTube is a great place to put your video for exposure to a large number of people. It is the go-to place to watch videos online. It boasts over 6 billion hours of video watched every month. It’s also the second largest search engine on the internet.

That’s why it’s important for video publishers to optimize their videos to be indexed and found in the search engine. Optimization begins when you upload your video to YouTube and set the basic features such as title, description and add tags.


One of the biggest mistakes a video marketer can make is to use a bad title. Titles are one of the most important pieces of information for getting your video found.

Enter a descriptive, searchable title in the title field.

YouTube Title

Here are some tips for good titles.

  1. Make the title searchable so your video gets in front of as big of an audience as possible. Use keywords that people are actually searching for.

Use a good keyword tool to find popular keyword phrases associated with your video content. Focus on the keywords that have a good number of searches.

  1. Be as descriptive as you can. Clever or mysterious video titles won’t get it found in searches. I’ve seen videos with vague titles like “Yep. It happened again.” If someone comes across your video with that title, they will move on without viewing it. Instead use a title that tells exactly what your video is about.

Titles like these examples:

  •  “How to Eliminate Bad Breath—No Dentist Necessary.”
  • “How NOT to Get a Girlfriend“
  • ‘The Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.”
  1. Keep your title short- under 56 characters if possible. Google cuts listings off at around 66 characters. All videos on YouTube have the words “YouTube” at the beginning of the title. That gives you 56 characters to work with.
  2. Offer a benefit to your viewers. If they think they are going to get something out of it, they are more likely to click on your video. Offer something of value, interesting information. Inspire them or entertain them. Your title needs to describe the benefit they will get from your video.
  3. Pique their curiosity. On whiteboard animation videos, your title needs to both descriptive and compelling. Phrase the title in a way that provokes their curiosity. This can be done with a question or controversial statement.
  4. Use certain words that generate more clicks. Some of the more popular are:
  • What is
  • How to
  • Demonstration
  • Tutorial
  • Review
  • Test
  • Explained

Don’t use your name, unless you are a well-known person. Very few people will be searching for a specific name.

  1. Use numbers in titles (i.e. “20 Reasons Why…” or “10 Things You Must Do.”). Instead of simply titling you r video “Tips for Grooming Your Dog” go with something like “5 Things You Should Do When Grooming Your Dog”.
  2. Make adjustments if necessary. If your video doesn’t perform the way you want it to, YouTube allows you to change your title at any time. Keep tweaking it until you come up with a winner.
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