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YouTube Publishing Features 3

YouTube Description

For the best results, your description needs to be interesting and truthful. It should tell the viewer what they are going to be seeing.

  1. Enter your description in the box when uploading your video.
4-description fo  your youtube video

Your videos need to stand out from everyone else’s. The description is your opportunity to “pitch” your potential audience. You don’t want to be lazy or weak here.

You want to give a description that focuses on the most important information about your video.

The first thing you should include is a destination URL link to your website or squeeze page. Use the format of http://www.URL.com so your link is live and clickable.

Next, you should include some relevant keywords but you don’t want to stuff the description with keywords. The description should flow naturally, just like you talk.

Be sure to include links to your other videos or playlists and subscriptions.

Then, you’re ready to write long, detailed, keyword-rich descriptions about what viewers will learn in your video.

Your description should include words like “learn how”, “what is”, “how to do (something)” or “history of”.


The tags are the descriptive keywords that help people find your video content. Tags often are the keywords relevant to your video.

How to add tags:

While your video is uploading, the tags box will be located under the title and description areas. You can enter your tags now.5-tags for your youtube videoYouTube will suggest tags as you type. Click on them to add them to your Tags list. Use as many suggested tags that are relevant since these are from experienced YouTube users.

For example, if you type in Photo, you might get these suggestions: 6-suggested itmes for the youtube video

To add tags to an existing video, go into the video manager of your account and click on the Edit button under the video you want to add tags

  • The order in which you put your tags isn’t important.
  • Keep your tags relevant to your video. For example if your video portrays you cooking with Rachael Ray at a charity event, use the tags “cooking”, “Rachael Ray” and “charity” since they are all relevant to your video content.
  • Keep the number to around 10 to 15 tags. It’s not the amount of tags but the right kinds of tags that count.
  • YouUYLook what other related videos are using for their tags. Don’t steal theirs, but use them to get inspiration.
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