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YouTube Publishing Features 6

Change Font, Colors, Size And Position On YouTube

When choosing your font colors, consider contrast with the background color. For example white letters on a dark or black background.

After you decide the type of annotation you want to insert, click the settings underneath the Add annotation button to change the font size, color, or background color.

16-fonts on youtube
  • Position the annotation on the video by dragging and dropping it within the video player. Resize to make it bigger or smaller.
  • When you want your annotation to temporarily stand out like a link menu, quiz or game, you can change the color, duration and size of the annotation. Otherwise make the annotations secondary and less intrusive.
  • Set the start and end times so that the annotation displays for just the amount of time needed to read it, about 5 to 7 seconds.
  • The size of your annotation should be small so they don’t block the video too much.
  • Don’t use bright colors like red, yellow, blue, orange and pink.       They are distracting and feel cluttered. Instead use muted colors that are transparent, semi-transparent, gray, black or white.
  • Place your annotations along the outside borders of your video in the top third of your video.
  • Keep the number of annotations to a minimum. Don’t show more than two at a time if possible.
  • Keep the text annotation short so viewers can easily read them at a glance.
  • Do Not Write in ALL CAPS. Writing in all capital letters is considered rude or loud by many viewers.
  • Annotations should be kept relevant to the video content. They should add value to the viewer’s experience.
  • Minimize the number of calls to action and promotional messages. Place them towards the end of your video if possible.
  • Annotations will appear on a standard YouTube player and in embedded players but won’t appear on custom YouTube chromeless players or on mobile, tablet or TV devices.

Add a link to Annotation On YouTube

To add a link to your annotations, check the box by the “Link” underneath the “Start” and “End” settings.

Choose what you want the annotation to link to: another video, your channel, a playlist, a fundraising site or to subscribe to your channel.

17-links on YouTube

How to effectively use Link Annotations

  • Link annotations work best as a spotlight annotation. Place them around items in your videos to create clickable hotspots. You can embed thumbnail images or video-in-video spots as clickable hotspots. This can yield better results in click-through rates than a normal text link.
  • Put the links at the end of your video to give viewers a set of related content links.
  • Link annotations can make the video interactive. For example if you are presenting a video about a new dress, you could present the user with multiple color options to choose from. The link takes them to a different video of the dress in the color they specified.
  • Link to other videos, playlists, or full versions of a shorter video clip.
  • Use clickable links to highlight your website or blog, your merchandise store or even your social media channels.
  • Add interactive games into your videos with clickable links.

Annotations are an easy way for you to give your viewers a way to interact with you. They are more likely to get you click-throughs than a video that doesn’t include them. Use them the boost your viewer’s engagement, give them more information and help with navigating your video. Annotations are a great way to get creative in its uses.

YouTube Publishing Features Concludes

We will be wrapping up this series on YouTube in the next post, so stay tuned.

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