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Adding Music Clips To Your YouTube Video

How often have you viewed a video online and realized the music is what really caught your attention? Music evokes strong emotional responses in viewers. Having the right soundtrack can create a video that others remember. The wrong audio can kill your video.

Finding the right music can be tough, especially if you’re on a budget. YouTube’s Audio Library helps make it easier.

YouTube’s audio swapping tool lets you choose music from their library of licensed songs


How to access the YouTube Audio Library

In the Video manager of your YouTube account, click on the Creation Tools menu.

Filter the list by genre, mood, instrument or duration, and then preview the track. Hit the download icon once you’ve found the perfect song.

You can add audio or a new audio track to your video using YouTube’s editor.18-audio on YouTube

Click the edit button next to the video you want to add music to.

Click the Audio tab.

This brings up YouTube’s library of pre-approved songs.

You can also access YouTube’s audio library by clicking on the create button in the creator studio.19-audio library in YouTube

You can search for a track by using the search box. Or you can browse by genre using the Top Tracks tab.

Click the Save button when you find a track you like. The new audio is applied to your video.

You can position audio tracks in precise parts of your video using the position audio tab.

Customizing audio position and length of the audio:

Click on the Positon audio button below your preview player. The name of the audio track is shown in the highlighted bar.

Click the bar. This allows you to trim and drag the bar to customize the position or length of the audio.

To trim the length, click on the beginning or end of the bar and drag it to the left or right. Once you are done trimming the video, drag it to a certain position in your video.20-trim adjustment on YouTube

Positioning and trimming lets you set when your audio plays in the video. You can also adjust the volume of the audio to play music only instead of the original. Or set it to mix both of them.

Click Done when you’re finished.

Two things to keep in mind:

  • Songs and clips can’t overlap. They must come before and after each other.
  • An added track audio will replace your clips original audio.

The YouTube Audio library has over 150 royalty-free instrumental tracks to choose from. It’s a quick and budget friendly way to add audio to your videos.

Changing the privacy settings

If you didn’t change your privacy settings from the default “Public” settings when you uploaded your video, you can set your privacy setting in the Editor.

Go to the Video Manager.

Click the Edit Button next to the video you want to change.

In the Privacy Settings drop-down menu, select Public, Unlisted or Private. Save changes.

Private videos are can be seen only by you and those you select. It doesn’t appear on your channel or in search results.

Unlisted Videos are simply those that only people with a link to it can view it. You can share an unlisted video by sharing the link to the video with those you want to have access to it. Unlisted videos don’t appear in YouTube’s public spaces.


Next Thing You Should Do

Once you’ve taken time to create a great video you are ready to upload and share it online. YouTube is one of the best platforms to use. It’s a fairly easy process to upload them and setting the publishing features is way to get your video in the search engines.

YouTube has a variety of publishing features that let you improve your videos.

Of course, you’ll want to start with the basics of adding a good descriptive title, a relevant description of what the video is about and tags to make it searchable.

Providing a good title is the top way to get your videos viewed. Words like “how to”, “video” and “what to do…” are all excellent words to use in your title.

Then you’ll want to move on to the more specialized or advanced features such as adding music clips to make your video memorable, annotations with clickable links to guide your viewers on what to do next and finally adding captions for those who can’t hear your videos.

You can use YouTube’s editor to change the fonts and colors of your annotations. You can determine the position of the annotation and how long you want it shown.

Use annotations to direct viewers to your other videos, your website, or a squeeze page.

Keep this desktop reference guide hand since it provides a walkthrough of YouTube’s publishing features and how to use them.

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