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Live Podcasting On Google+

Guide To Live Podcasting With Google+ Hangouts On Air

Reinvigorate your business by adding exciting live Google+ Hangouts On Air incorporated with YouTube to your marketing channels. It used to cost a lot of money to host webinars online, but now with Google+ Hangouts On Air, it’s free. A webinar can help spread the message of your brand, announce new products, and even promote a cause.

It’s up to you to decide what your webinar is about. Since it’s free, you can have a lot of Google+ Hangouts and not worry about the costs that used to be associated with webinars through services such as AnyMeeting or GoToWebinar. There are good reasons to use the other services, but most of the time you can accomplish what you set out to do and more using Google+ Hangouts On Air (GHOA).

$_35 for podcasting on google+ webcamPodcasts Moving to Video Format

Many business owners want to create video podcasts over audio podcasts because it’s easier to create them today than it was in the past. You don’t need tons of technical knowledge to create a video podcast today. In fact, you can simply click “Record” during a live Google Hangout, then use that for your video podcast which you can upload to iTunes and YouTube, or make it available for download on your membership website and more.

Advantages of Video Podcasts over Audio Only Podcasts

There are many advantages to having video podcasts over audio only, but one thing that is really great about Google+ Hangouts On Air, in conjunction with YouTube, is that you can download the YouTube video, use editing software to edit out the video and have both a video and an audio podcast to use as you wish. The other advantages of video podcasts over audio podcasts are:

• They Are Easier and More Fun to Share – We are visual creatures and are much more likely to share something of a visual nature on all the major social media networks. On Twitter alone, according to Social Media Today, images are shared 361% more than simple text-based messages. In fact, over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every single minute. (YouTube.com)

• Your Message Is Accessible to a Wider Audience –There are both blind and deaf people who use the internet and they like to have access to your content. By providing both audio and visual components that are also easily “read” by their special software, you open yourself up to a bigger audience.

• It’s Easier to Explain Visual Subjects – If you are trying to teach someone “how to” do anything, video is almost always going to be a much easier way to demonstrate it. Even if you are just talking to others in an interview or round table format, people like looking at other people. It elicits trust and helps encourage more buying behavior.

• Video Can Be Used in More Formats – Because Google owns Hangouts and YouTube, they’ve made it easy to incorporate and use streaming and recorded together. Plus it’s easy to use YouTube for your video host and embed it on a website. You can also use your recording on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks.

2_video-camera-film for google+ podcasting• Simple to Add Interest with Graphics – After the event is over and your recording is made, you can still edit it. You can add an intro, an exit, and make links within the video to link to things talked about.

• Videos Make for Easier Search Engine Optimization – Your SEO will benefit tremendously by using keywords in the description, making the description complete and thorough, embedding it into other sites, using a catchy keyword in the title and having appropriate links and tags. The one other thing that will affect SEO is sharing. Ensure that you ask people to like, share and comment on your videos.

• Video Has a Longer Shelf Life – According to a study by Pixability, well-made YouTube videos are still attracting viewers a full three weeks after being published. In some cases when “evergreen” videos were made new, audiences were still finding them, years after first being published. Often, if someone finds one video for a brand and likes it, they’ll subscribe and watch all of the brand’s videos. This is very important because with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media the “shelf life” is more like 20 minutes.

• More Interactive Possibilities – During the GHOA you can interact with your audience in a number of ways, from answering live Q&A, to using the chat feature and more. You can create a hashtag for the event and ask your viewers to use it when commenting. You can send your viewers to a special sales page to download a PDF file as a guide to the Hangout.

Using video podcasts is getting easier to do; therefore it’s becoming more popular than ever. You don’t have to be a video editing genius now to do a GHOA, automatically record it, stream it to YouTube, and then use it again in a new way.

Podcasting on Google+ Hangouts Continues

Stay tuned for the next several posts on podcasting with Google plus hangouts.  It will be fun, so come back and finish the series with us.

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