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How to Get Set Up for Your First Google+ Hangout On Air3_gmail hangout sign in

The first thing you need to set up a Google Hangout is to have a Google account. This can be a Gmail account, a Google Apps for Business, or a Google Apps for Education account with an activated Google+ Profile. With any of these types of Google accounts you can organize, run and manage a Google Hangout.

You can start a Google Hangout right from your Gmail account or your Google+ profile. Let’s go through the steps for each one.

To Start from Your Gmail Account

Click on the Hangouts icon in the lower left corner of the Gmail.com window.

To Start from Your Google+ Profile

Click on the Hangouts icon in the upper right hand corner of the Google+ window.4_google plus hangout sign in

The first time you set up a Google Hangout you may need to download a plugin. From the sign-in area, you can choose to start a new Hangout, or click one that already exists. Before starting a Hangout, go in and fix the settings to be friendlier for live on-air activities. Click “Settings” which looks like a gear. Look at the different options under Notifications, Hangout History, Archive, and notice you can also leave. When you change a setting, be sure to click “Save”.

From Your Google Business Page

Look for the Hangout icon and then click it.5_startahangoutnow

To set up the GHOA to the YouTube feed and recording, you’ll need to connect your Google+ account with your YouTube account.

Connecting Your YouTube and Google+ Accounts

  1. Sign in to your Google account, and then your YouTube account associated with that particular Google account. Follow these steps
    • Go to your YouTube Creator Studio
    • Click on Channel
    • Under Features scroll down to Live Events
    • Click Enable

6_enableliveGo to your YouTube Creator Studio
Click on Channel
Under Features scroll down to Live Events
Click Enable

Tip: To have a live GHOA streaming live to YouTube longer than 15 minutes, your account must be verified. This takes a phone call or text. Be prepared.

Once you have that set up you can get your Google Hangout On Air started, either through your Gmail account as shown above, or through your Google+ Page.7_startahangoutonair

Click Start a Hangout On Air to get started. You’ll see a new window appear on your Google+ page. Notice you can start it right away or schedule it. We’ll just start it right away to test it.8_testingGHOA

Start your GHOA by clicking “Start”. You’ll then get a few more windows, but just go through the steps and allow the Hangout to load.

A trailer can be added for people to watch until your GHOA starts. This is a good place to put information about your company. Click “Trailer” to add a video you’ve already made.

To start the Hangout, click “Start”. Realize that when you do this you are broadcasting live to whomever you select, be it the public or one of your circles.google-hangouts-feature

Once you click Start, you’ll get the window that requires you to now “Allow” or “Deny” the webcam to work. In addition, notice that you can restrict your Hangout to people over 18. If you plan to talk about anything serious or sexual in nature, or use words not appropriate for children, choose to block anyone not 18 to be on the safe side.10_inviteothers

Even people you do not invite specifically can see the Google Hangout, but the people you invite will be able to talk and participate with you live on the air. Click “Invite”.

Now, tick the box to show that you agree to the Google+ Hangouts On Air terms and the YouTube terms.Hangouts-on-air-terms-sh

You’ll be asked to launch the Q&A app. If you want people to be able to ask you questions, click “Launch”. You’ll also be asked to launch the Showcase app. Do so before you start the broadcast if you want to be able to share your screen. If you want to embed the video on your webpage, do all that before you go live. Then click OK.12_start broadcast

Now you are live. Once you finish your show, it will automatically save the recording for anyone to watch later, on both your Google+ page and your YouTube account. If you later decide to delete the event from either your Google+ page or your YouTube account, you’ll need to delete them separately. Also, if you have Twitter and Facebook set up to automatically share items that go on either Google+ or YouTube, remember that when either publishes, it will share automatically. Unpublish and Delete from YouTube activity if you do not want them there.

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