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Ways to Market Your Google+ Hangout Live in Advance

You want to make it simple for your audience to find you, and the best way to do that is to build up excitement about your GHOA in advance. There are many ways to market your event that will draw a larger audience.

• Join Forces with Other Business Owners – Get a partner who markets to the same audience as you but who sells or promotes complementary items to yours. Both of you agree to do part of the presentation or show together, then both of you promote your GHOA to your various lists, social media networks and so forth. You will both benefit from cross-promotion and be able to build excitement better the more people who are involved.

• Ask Your Audience What They Want – One of the best ways to decide the topic of your GHOA is to ask your audience what they would like. Q&A’s often go very well for a first event, but you can also make it about one specific topic, or even one specific product that everyone who attends either purchased or might want to purchase.

• Brand Your Google+ Hangout Experience – Use the Hangout Toolbox to brand the experience. You can upload a banner that goes on the lower third of the window to ensure that people see your brand during the GHOA. You can use PicMonkey or Canva to create a custom banner, or you can use the other tools available to make one with the text and a tag line and special color.17_google+ toolbox lower thirds

[tip]Tip: If there is more than one participant that will appear on screen, they each need to create their own lower-third banner. Alternatively you can supply them with yours so that you are all branded the same.[/tip]

• Don’t Skimp on Creative Headlines and Subject Lines – Just like you want to be sure to give email subject lines a good title so people open the email, you want your GHOA to have a name that asks people to join in.

• Create a Notification Circle – Create a special circle of people who want to be notified of an event. You can use this to remind people of your upcoming event. Simply invite people to your special notification circle by posting on your public stream. If they +1 this request, or respond in the affirmative, add them to the special circle by hovering over their name and adding them.

• Remind Participants of Your Event – Create an email that reminds participants of the event in advance. You might even want to practice with a short live tutorial before the event, or at least agree to meet about ten minutes before the start of the event to try to work out kinks. Practice is always best and can make for a much less stressful experience. When you remind your participants about the event, it is a good time to ask them to remind their audience about the event.

• Remind Your Audience about the Event – Create an email series that will remind your audience about your GHOA event. Building up excitement a couple weeks in advance will ensure that more people watch and participate.

• Create a Teaser Video – A great way to market your event is to create a teaser video or a series of them. If you are having a “round table” panel discussion with Q&A, get each person involved to make a short two-minute video to place on YouTube and to send out in the email series.18_hashtag

• Use Creative Branded Hashtags to Monitor and Collect Discussions – Choose a Hashtag in advance of the event and market that hashtag to participants and viewers so that guests will be able to interact on social media with the Hashtag. It also helps to pre-schedule some of your tweets and Facebook posts because you will be busy during the event.

• Stream to YouTube – Your live event is easier for mobile users to enjoy if you stream it to YouTube. You’ll need to enable live YouTube first, and you’ll need a verified account for the event to be longer than 15 minutes, so make plans to get that all done well in advance of your GHOA.

• Reuse YouTube Recordings – A little-known reality is that many people will watch your recorded event. Usually only about 25% of those who said they would come to the live event show up. Therefore, having a recorded event will increase your audience and sales, after the fact.

• Answer and Contribute to Comments – During the live event, be sure to turn on Q&A so that you can answer questions during the live event. People love Q&A. You can also have people submit some questions in advance using email marketing software like AWeber.com in conjunction with Google Forms.

Finally, remember the cardinal rule of social media: reciprocate. The more you share other people’s information and become a cheerleader for them, the more they will for you. Marketing your GHOA requires some skill and finesse, but mostly it just requires being likable enough that people want to watch you and tell others about you.

It’s clear that hosting Google+ Hangout On Air takes live podcasting to an entirely new level. By incorporating GHOA into your marketing plan for your business, you’ll see a huge jump in website traffic due to the relationship-building power of webinars.

People love talking to and getting to know those from whom they are buying information, products and services. What better way to leverage the power of the internet than live interaction with guests, recording them, and reusing them too. It’s like having a way to generate never-ending content that is useful, timely, and relevant to your audience.

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