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Social Media SEO Mastery 6

Create Branded Pages on Social Media

Some social media accounts allow you to create special branded pages. Some are more adaptable than others. The important thing to do is to take advantage of whatever functions the social media allows.

If it allows you to use HTML to create a branded landing page, use the function, if it allows you to upload special photos and images, do so. The more unique your social media accounts are the better.

When creating branded pages on social media it’s important to realize which social media you’re using, and read the rules. For instance, on Facebook, your cover image cannot ask customers to download anything, or give any contact information.

In fact, they do not want any calls to action on your cover photo. Use features such as Facebook’s ability to pin a post at the top of the feed so that new viewers will always see that when they arrive. That post can contain a video, or simply some text.

Picture_SEO_SocialMediaThe same concepts can be used across all social media. Use the tools available, maximize your profiles with images, videos, and more that enhance and demonstrate who you are to your audience. Always look at your pages from the audience’s perspective to ensure you’re presenting your business in the best light possible.

Planning Your Social Media Strategy

A solid social media strategy will strengthen your business by increasing brand awareness, improving SEO and advancing customer engagement. In addition social media marketing is a very cost effective form of marketing.

Your social media marketing strategy goes hand-in-hand with other forms of marketing and is part of good search engine optimization today. By creating a social media strategy you’ll improve your chances for success.
Establish Your Social Media GoalsSocial Media SEO
In order to set solid social media marketing goals it’s important to understand how to make a goal. Every goal you make must be achievable, specific and measurable. Creating goals establishes metrics that you can study to decide whether or not your efforts are working. Without defined goals, you are just shooting in the dark.

First, your goals should be about the big picture. In this case your goal is very general such as “I want to get more traffic.” or “I want to make more sales.” The next step is to break down the big picture goal into smaller achievable, specific, measurable goals. Since the 1980’s due to George T. Doran using the term in the November issue of Management Review, many people use the mnemonic device SMART to help them make goals.

• Specific — Instead of saying, “I want more sales” as your goal, you need to be very specific and write down exactly what you mean by more sales. Such as: “I want to sell more of xyz product.”

• Measurable — In addition, you should mention how much you want to sell. Instead of just “I want to sell more xyz product” say “I want to sell 20% more xyz product.”

• Attainable — Ensure that you evaluate whether or not your goal is something that can really be done. You should know based on your research what can happen or not happen. If you’ve done no market research it’ll be hard to make a goal.

• Relevant — Any goal you make has to be relevant to your overall big picture. If you want to make more sales, but your specific, measurable goal is “Increase traffic by 20 percent.” Does that relate? How? Why?

• Time Sensitive — Finally, give yourself a time limit on any goals that you want to achieve. Don’t leave the time open ended or you won’t ever reach your goal, or an end point in which you can evaluate whether you reached your goal or not. So finally, your goal will look like this:

“I want to increase sales of xyz product by 20 percent, by the 4th quarter.”

In addition to using this method for establishing your goals, you want to also always evaluate how everything went when the time is over, and then for your next campaign toss out what did not work, and recommit and double down on what did work. This will ensure that each marketing campaign you embark on will be an improvement on the former. As you’ve likely hard before, rinse and repeat for best results.

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