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Identify Social Media Tactics That Help Reach Your Goals

Once you have writSoten down your goals, it’s time to identify how you’re going to achieve them. The means by which you achieve a goal are called tactics. For instance, you might decide to increase blog posting by 50%, social media interaction by 40%, and double down on page SEO. All of these tactics will increase the likelihood of your achieving your goals.

Tactics have to support your overall strategy to be effective. To identify tactics you’ll need to:

• Identify Resources — What is your budget in terms of dollars, time, and other assets that you have to help you reach your goals?

• Determine Approach — In the case of social media marketing strategy your approach will be to invest more resources into social media, but do you plan to invest more time in engagement, content creation, improved SEO, or all of the above? It needs to be planned out and focused.

• Understand Context — It’s imperative that you understand how everything is interconnected to make your social media marketing work. How does blogging effect social media engagement, for instance?
Develop a Social Media Marketing Calendar
Based on your goals, and time line it’s important to now create a social media marketing calendar. You’ll need a separate calendar for each social media you plan to use for your social media marketing campaign. If you’ve planned to just focus on one or two, that’s fine, but create a separate calendar for each one.

You can use a tool like Google Calendar to create a separate calendar for each social media account, but that you can integrate together so that you can see a clear outline of everything needed to be done across all accounts. Plus, it’s easy to just look at one social media account at a time to see what to do without a cluttered calendar.

seo social media consulting1-74009_274x249Start with due dates. In your calendar start with a due date and work backwards towards today with action items to complete on any given day to work toward your goals. If you’ve determined you need to create 20 blog posts a month about a specific topic, you can do it one of two ways. You can arrange to create all 20 blog posts at once by a qualified writer, and then schedule them for delivery, or you can do them yourself.

But, you’ll need to write down the titles, keywords, and subject matter either way so that you can stay on course with your blog posts. Using the Google Calendar to put notes into each date is a very useful way to make use of the technology. You’ll be able to look at any given day, and then just do what it says to do on that day. You’ll have all the information at your fingertips.

Identify holidays & special days. While you’re in the calendar you can easily identity holidays and other special days where you won’t be working. This is a good way to better keep track of your work schedule than just playing it by ear. Plus, you’ll be able to ensure that your content that you’ll be delivering near that holiday or other special days is relevant. You can give each holiday a special theme and make sure that your content matches the mood of your audience.
Your marketing calendar is as good of a place as any to delegate work. If you have a Virtual Assistant or other people who work with you, you can invite them to the calendar, and assign them a special color code so that they know that is what they are supposed to do. You can also use a project management system like Basecamp.com to help you manage other people on projects by uploading to-do lists and more.
Use Technology Fullysocial media seo-engagement
WordPress offers many options that help you make publishing content easy. For instance, you can schedule posts, integrate automatic updates with various social media accounts, and more. Using technology fully will give you more time to devote elsewhere. However, don’t automate so much that you forget the most important aspect of social media is the fact that it’s social. For instance, automate sharing, but still go in and make comments on your own. Automate scheduled posts but check for comments regularly.

A social media marketing calendar will help you control your activities better. Calendars are all part of planning, and planning helps you get to your destination. You wouldn’t take a trip across the country without a map or GPS, don’t try to embark on social media marketing without a plan either. A plan will make you more successful, save time, and help guide you.

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