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Social Media SEO Mastery 8

Create Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Just like with any other marketing campaign you’ll identify your target audience, know where to reach them, as well as develop your message and information that you share based on your goals. You’ll have more than one campaign based on your goals. Perhaps your goal is to “Increase sales by 20 percent of xyz product by the end of the 4th quarter.”

Identify Tactics
You’ll need to identify the tactics you’ll use to increase sales such as getting more newsletter sign ups, more likes on Facebook, more Twitter followers, and perhaps more engagement on Pinterest. Your campaign will consist of getting more sign ups, or likes, or follows, then in addition, what you’ll do with those likes, followers, and sign ups.
social media strategyDo Your Due Diligence
Then you’ll create a separate campaign for each of the parts of the goal. You might determine, based on statistical analysis of your current sales and resources that a way to increase sales by 20 percent is to increase newsletter subscribers by 100 percent. If that’s the case, then you need to create a campaign to increase newsletter subscribers.
Choose Your Methods
You can do this in a variety of ways from online advertising, to an intense content marketing plan using just content and social media. Identify how you’ll do it, and then write down the steps to do it into your marketing calendar creating a separate campaign for each part of a goal.
Each Social Media Network Needs its Own Strategy
One important aspect to keep in mind, is that each social network will need its own campaign, it’s own calendar, and it’s own strategy and tactics. This may seem like a lot of information to remember, but when you break it all down into individual calendars, individual campaigns and individual days to do the work it will not be confusing at all.social media SEO 1

Every social media has its own personality, plus, you don’t want every single social media experience to be a cookie cutter of the other for your audience. This is the danger of too much integration between each social media account. If everything you say is the same across all accounts, why should someone follow you, friend you, or connect with you on more than one? You will take the same information and organize it, and cut it down, or repurpose it for each different social media based on that social media alone as well as the message you’re trying to impart.

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