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It’s very important to track, measure and analyze the numbers before, during and after any new social media marketing or SEO effort. If you don’t know what numbers you started with, you’ll have a hard time knowing whether or not your hard work paid off. Even if the numbers show a complete failure in reaching your goals, you can see where things went wrong and will be able to decide what to do differently the next time.
Establish Clear Goals
Remember the SMART acronym to ensure that your goals are clear. Once established you want to take a look at where you are compared to where you want to be. That’s how you’ll know whether or not you succeeded in reaching those goals.
Choose What to Measure
What you measure will depend on what type of things you’re measuring. Is it social media, a landing page, SEO tactics or something else entirely that you’re measuring?

Some things you should be tracking include:

• Unique Visitors
• New Visitors
• Traffic Sources
• Inbound Links
• Conversion Rate
• Call To Action Performance
• Bounce Rate
• Popular Pages
• Organic Traffic
• Search Engine Ranking
• Inbound Links
• Unpopular Pages
• Audience Engagement
• Delivery Rate
• Click Through Rate
• Shares
• Likes
• Comments
• and More…

social-metricsEssentially, you want to track and measure anything that can be tracked and measured.
You want to see where the numbers were before, during and after you do any new things you add or changes you make. Whether that is SEO based, social media based, content based, paid advertising based or something else entirely. You can only know if your, social media marketing and SEO plans are working if you look at the numbers.

By studying all the appropriate numbers for any action and reaction you’ll be able to determine what works, and what doesn’t work. You’ll be able to quickly modify your tactics toward better returns on investment, throwing out what isn’t working and replacing it with what is working.
Tools to Implement, Track and Measure Success

Calendaring & Organizing Tools
Every business needs a way to manage, organize and plan. Most businesses use some form of project management system, a calendaring system or both. What you use will depend on how you view things best. Some people are linear thinkers and some people aren’t. Try out a few different methods to find out which method works best for you.

BaseCamp.org — This is a project management system which will enable you to plan and organize your SEO and social media marketing easily. You’ll be able to set milestones, daily tasks and more for just yourself, a team and /or clients too. It has a calendar and a familiar dashboard so it’s easy to get started.Social Media SEO

Google Calendar — Google provides an entire business suite of tools that you can use in your business. One of the most popular is Google Calendar. You can integrate Google Calendar with your mobile device so that you’re always in the know about what to do next. You can keep yourself on schedule as well as your team with Google Calendar.

30 Boxes.com — This is a great sharable calendar that helps you organize your day. You can create one time events, repeating events, and more. You can even use the code provided to put the calendar in your website. It integrates with social media well too.

Appointy.com — You can start with a free account and move up to a paid account if you need it. This system allows others to schedule appointments with you during time that you’ve set up to be free for appointments. You can use the calendar for accepting payments; send out text messages, and more.

Smartsheet.com — You need to be able to collaborate, plan and track marketing results in an easy way. This system lets you do it. You can track anything, collaborate with others on anything, and it’s simple to use. If you’re familiar with spreadsheets, then you’ll be able to use it easily to manage and plan your marketing. An exciting feature is the ability to attach documents in multiple formats right where you need them, and to set reminders for key dates and more.

Learning how to stay organized and stick to your plan of action will improve your SEO and social media marketing exponentially. It all starts with a good plan of action and a way to stick to that plan. One of these systems should work for your needs.

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