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It should be clear at this point that if you don’t integrate your social media into your overall marketing plans and SEO then you’re going to be dead in the water. Thankfully, there are many tools and software available today to make it easier to get SEO and social media to work together to produce results for your business.

Social media essentially multiplies the impact that your search engine optimization has on your traffic, sales, and more. Social media in combination with proper SEO will drive sales, and create lasting relationships with your customers. What you do today in social media in combination with your SEO efforts will pay off for years to come.

Social Media Buttons — Add social media links and buttons to your blog and website. Make it easy for your visitors to share on their own social media any of your content no matter how they found it. There are plugins that you can get for WordPress to help you seamlessly add social media buttons to your website.

social media seo tools1Facebook Comments — This is a great way to bring user generated content to your website and boost your social media ranking. Simply get the code from Facebook and add it to your site, or use a WordPress plugin for that purpose.

HootSuite — This is really an entire social media management tool and could go under Content Management Tools too. You can management multiple social media accounts such as Google +, LinkedIn.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com and more with HootSuite including scheduling posts and more.

Google Authorship — You can’t properly integrate social and SEO without Google Authorship. This is a great way to claim all the content that you write. As long as the content appears online on domains where you have an @domainname.com email address you can claim all the content that you write. Follow the step by step instructions to take advantage of this.

Schema.org — This website shares code and protocol for adding tags to your web pages to create rich snippets, which are better looking search results that your audience is more likely to click on when searching for what you have. It will take some work, but use what is provided here to make your site SEO work better with social media.

Yoast.com — This is an SEO plugin that helps you optimize your site for SEO in the best way possible including using social media. Yoast has a lot of other plugins that you can add to extend the functions of the original SEO plugin including, Local SEO, News SEO and more.

Regardless of which tools you choose, it’s important to integrate your social media, SEO, and all marketing together for best results. Be ready to listen, observe, and report what is happening across all your social media accounts and how it affects your overall business goals.
Content Management Tools
The most important asset when it comes to SEO and Social Media is the content that you create and share. Having content that is well thought out and organized for delivery will produce maximum results. Using effective content management tools will help you succeed and reach all your goals.

Post Planner — This plugin for Facebook allows you to schedule all your Facebook posts whether to pages or groups. Not only that, but the system shares with you content within your niche that you might want to share with others. You can also post, based on analytics at the right time each day to get the most views.

WordPress.org — Self-hosted WordPress is by far the simplest and best website and blog authoring software that you can use. It can be a complete content management system, simple blog, or even an ecommerce website. If you’re not using WordPress yet, you really need to try it out.social media seo tools

Gulp Mass Content Importer — This is a great way to load content fast onto your WordPress Blog. You can even schedule them to appear when you want them to or schedule them as drafts so that you can further edit them before they publish. This is a great way to make use of all that PLR (private label rights content) that you have around, or to use content that was written for you in mass quantities.

ManageWP — This is cloud-based software that helps you manage all your WordPress websites from one easy to use Dashboard. This is great if you have multiple pages that you’re trying to promote for your business.

Integrating your social media with your SEO is an important part of your business today. By making it easier to manage your content, you’re half way there. After all, content is the most important aspect of all your marketing endeavors.

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