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Reasons To Create A LinkedIn Company Page

You Should Create a Linkedin Company Page

Creating a company page on LinkedIn.com will educate members about your business. They can learn about the products and / or services that you offer as well as job opportunities. Any person who is already a LinkedIn.com member can make a company page.

When you create a company page you will be given a way to showcase the work that you do, and work that you’ve done, as well as tell the story of how you got started and where you are today. It’s a new way to encourage word-of-mouth marketing, the most powerful marketing in the world. You’ll also be able to engage with followers and create advertisements to promote your business to a very targeted audience.
LinkedIn Company Page
By creating a separate business page you’ll differentiate yourself from your business but you’ll be able to connect the two in your headline. To  create a company page first create a verified individual profile. On the tool bar, under Interests click on Companies. Next, click on, Add a Company, and follow the prompts.

Your LinkedIn.com business page will need information for the three main sections: Home, Careers, Products and Services.  You’ll be able to add in video, images, and other details to your company profile to make it stand out. Choose the best industry choice by focusing on what you do rather than what it’s called. For instance, you may be an Internet Marketer, but what is it you do? If you publish information products, you’d be better off in publishing than Marketing.

Via the company page you’ll also be able to view Insights, which gives you information about your company, who has worked there and what they’ve accomplished and more. You can even see what your followers are doing via Follower Insights and get metrics via Page Insights. The stats will be very helpful to your company.

Via your company page you can create status updates on a regular basis. By posting strategic updates that LinkedIn Follow-Company-Buttonare short, to the point and relevant you’ll encourage more sharing and liking of you updates. Don’t post spam and don’t forget to interact with those who share and ask questions or comment on your updates. Your updates should not be overtly selling, but instead should be genuine help to your audience to avoid issues with LinkedIn.com and followers.

Your updates can be text, a URL and even rich media files. This is a great way to post helpful tips by embedding YouTube.com videos.  Talk about your employees, and contractors, and give them kudos for jobs well done.  When others comment on your updates their connections can then see your updates too, thus increasing your reach even farther.

If you don’t have a company page yet, and are doing all your marketing through your personal LinkedIn.com page you’re missing out on a wonderful opportunity to tell the story of your business and get more followers and business through LinkedIn.com.

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