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Adobe InDesign Helpful For iPad Magazine Publishing

If you already have InDesign CC then you can use the DPS to create unlimited single editions iPad Magazines without having to know any code and it’s included in the monthly price. You can push these out to iTunes.com just like you would any other version. The pro and enterprise versions cost a bit more but have many more features.

The pro version starts at $495 a month, and the enterprise version will depend on your particular vision and needs. You can call their customer service line to find out more. Try a trial version of Adobe Creative Cloud first to see how this works for you and your business. Your entire team can use it for additional monthly fees. This can be an expensive solution but it works very well. Even The National Geographic Uses it. You can make beautiful magazines without knowing code easily with the single folio app.

Inexpensive Options

These options are less expensive options which you can try to create your iPad Magazine. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to reach your dreams of publishing and marketing your iPad magazine.

Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud Plus Digital Publishing Suite, mentioned above as an expensive option, but you can use the free version of DPS included with your InDesign Creative Cloud subscription. It’s more limited but it works fine to push out your magazine to iTunes in the right format for distribution for sale or for free.
iPad Magazine

Issue Stand

With Issue Stand you literally only need to create your magazine in PDF format, which you can do using a variety of software including Adobe Pro, or even MS Word and saving it as a PDF. You just upload the PDF files according to the instructions provided by Issue Stand. You can add interactive elements and more. You can use the Issue Stand viewer to see how your iPad magazine will look on the iPad without having to own an iPad to view it. Then you can make changes easily at any time. What’s more, with Issue Stand you can upload one file and have it transformed for other platforms besides just the iPad. There are one-time fees, as well as monthly programs, depending upon your needs. There are no limits to how many additions can be made to an issue, so you’re wide open to sell it, or give it away to 10’s of thousands of customers.

iPad Publishing

App Studio

If you use Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud or Quark Express to design your magazine, this is another app that you can use for less to get published without knowing code on the iPad. Prices start at about $99 for single platform use such as the iPad. You can create, edit and publish easily using this software. You have to call them to get price ranges for the different plans but you can try using them free and only pay when you’re ready to publish.

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You can use PDF files, or HTM5 files, to create your interactive iPad Magazine easily using Apazine.com, which offers easy step-by-step instructions so that you can get your iPad Magazine published fast. It also offers a lot of social media interaction and unlimited downloads so that you aren’t limited or charged per download using the app. You can upgrade and publish to multiple formats, not just iPad, if you choose. This app also offers many features that the others don’t, which can help you track metrics, success, clicks and more.

A couple other apps to check out to get your iPad magazine published are:

Read More – With prices starting at zero, this is something to look into. If you can create a PDF, you can get your iPad magazine published on Apple News Stand. It also works with InDesign and offers paid subscriptions.

Maz Digital – This offers much more than the ability to publish your magazine to the iPad, and while it can be pricey, it’s worth a look due to all the additional features. Content aggregation, social media, and they handle the work of getting your magazine on Apple News Stand.

Whichever way you choose to get your iPad Magazine published, and there are numerous methods that you can use, the important thing is to know why you’re doing it, who you’re doing it for, how you’ll monetize it, and how you’ll market it.

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