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How to Build Your iPad Magazine

To build your iPad Magazine, you’ll need to choose one of the software options. We are using the trial version of Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign plus Mag Plus Creative Tools.

You have to create an Adobe Creative Cloud account, and then download the free Mag+ tools, which will ask for your phone number and information to get started. Then choose your version of computer, Mac or Windows, and your version of Creative Cloud.

Mag+ Offers terrific videos to explain how to install and work with Adobe InDesign.

ipad image managementInDesign Mag+ will work together with your creation to help you publish your iPad Magazine.

ipad image management 2

As you see, the Mag+ icon shows up in the menu. This will help you publish your iPad Magazine.

Adobe InDesign (ID) also has the Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) now included with ID, including the creative cloud version, free of charge. Simply open ID and click File at the top of the menu and then, click New Document.

In the Popup that appears, fill it out as demonstrated:

ipad Adobe InDesign Popup

As you may notice, you will choose Web for the intent, not Digital Publishing. Ensure that you have the right orientation and size needed and number of pages. Click OK.

To publish your iPad magazine you will need to ensure that you:

1) Join the iOS Developer Program – In order to publish a magazine on iPad you will be “building an app” so you’ll need to enroll in Apple’s iOS developer program and your magazine will ultimately have to be approved to be in the marketplace, although you can still sell it on iTunes even if it’s not approved with a direct link.
Be ready to provide bank and tax information to Apple. You can join as an individual or a company. This is so that you can get paid when your magazine is approved for publication in the News Stand. While you can still create and publish on the iPad without owning a Mac, you may need to use someone else’s iPad or Mac to create your account and be certified if you don’t use a service that comes with Adobe like Adobe Flex SDK.

2) Consider Your Topic – You want the topic of the magazine to be something that offers ipad magazine picvalue to your audience and speaks to your audience. If you’re going to do a monthly magazine, it might help to have different categories or sections for which to create content. The topic of your magazine will dictate the name you choose, the type of articles inside the magazine, and even the colors you choose for your covers and who you choose to write for you.

3) Create Your Cover – The best program to use is Photoshop or other graphic editing software so that you can use layers that it has to make the best cover art. You can use Adobe Creative Cloud to have all the elements you need to create your cover art and the entire magazine. You can, as mentioned above, hire a graphic designer. Good places to look are Guru.com and Elance.com. Within ID you can create the cover by importing different layers. Using layers makes the cover look more professional, but it does take some skill.

You can also purchase magazine cover templates if you want to and import those. Be sure to use the right extensions so that the program understands what files it is. But you can also just look at a magazine cover that you like and see how it’s laid out. Use fewer colors, and no more than one or two fonts.

When creating an iPad Magazine, you’ll need to create both a horizontal and vertical orientation of your cover and content. This is why you need to leave the layers, or stacks as they’re called, in ID as they are. Upload the images and fonts to create your cover, create two orientations, and you’re good to go.

4) Content – Text, video, or other content that you can insert into your magazine. Since an iPad Magazine can use HTML5, it’s possible to embed videos, audio, and have interactive magazine issues. Have the content you want included pre-written and ready for use before you start creating your magazine. Having it all together will help. Best to have too much content, so that you can pick and choose what goes in, than not enough. In ID Digital Publishing Suite, each new page will be new documents and stacks, which can be multiple pages – and any images, should be included with their layers.

5) Advertisements – Make sure you get the graphics you need in advance and that you know the right sizes and how many you can sell or use. If you use a digital advertising network, you’ll be provided code to insert into your publication to call the ads to the issue as your customer is reading it. Alternatively, you may include interactive ads that are clickable or are videos on various pages within your magazine. In ID digital publishing suite you can use the interactive overlay creator to help with content that is not text or an image.

Everything inside ID’s digital publishing suite or with Mag+ is going to be bundled together into a folder structure that may include images, fonts, links, videos and so forth. Each issue, of course, should have its own folder, with sub folders inside for each stack. Each article should have its own folder, too, in each layout orientation. Once you get it set up, it’ll make more as you set it up, and subsequent issues will be easier because you can use the previous issue as your template.

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