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Ways to Monetize Your iPad Magazine

It’s not really enough to just create and publish your iPad Magazine, to make it really worth the work and expense you’ll need to earn money from it. Fortunately there are many ways to earn money from your iPad Magazine. You can use one or all of the following ways to earn money from your iPad magazine.

• Sell Subscriptions – Offering your magazine at a subscription rate, where the readers get automatic delivery of new magazines for a monthly fee is a great way to make money for your digital iPad magazine. Getting your magazine listed on the Apple News Stand is an excellent way to earn money. You’ll get a percentage of sales, and since they already have a large audience, finding yours won’t be as hard as you might think.

• Sell Advertising Space – One of the most common ways to make money from your iPad Magazine is to include advertising just like print magazines do. What’s really special is that you can charge more for interactive ads and give more feedback as to how well ads are working for the client.

iphone-listinglistingthumb_53401• Build Your Email List – Using digital magazines like the iPad Magazine to collect and build an email database is an excellent way to create a targeted list of willing buyers for your other products and services.

• Join a Streaming Ad Network – A really interesting way you can serve ads to your readers is through an ad network, which is a 3rd party system that delivers the ads for the digital magazine on the reader’s device. Most any mobile ad network can work with the iPad but there will be some limitations if you have a new publication without many subscribers.

• Promoting Your Own Products and Services – Using your magazine, especially if you offer it for free, is a great way to promote your expertise, talents, services and products. Use the space to market your own products and services in a creative and interactive way.

• Affiliate Marketing – Just like you can promote affiliate products on a website, you can ipad monetizationalso use the iPad publishing platform to market affiliate products within the pages of your magazine just like you would serve any other advertisement.

Earning a substantial amount of revenue from your iPad magazine is a real possibility if you offer information that your audience wants and you have a technically savvy audience that will enjoy reading your content on their iPad. The next thing you must do to get plenty of readers and thus increasing your revenue opportunities is to ensure that after you spend enough time and effort on marketing.

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