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How to Market Your iPad Magazine

Whenever you create anything, articles, blog posts, social media updates, products and services, it’s imperative that you also promote it. So many business owners make the mistake of believing if they “build it, they will come”, but this is not true. There is a lot of competition out there for your audience’s time so you will need to let them know your magazine exists, and then offer them extensive value for their time.

• Your Website — Even before your first edition is ready, be sure that you talk about and mention your iPad Magazine coming out giving your website visitors a chance to sign up to be notified of the release date so that they can get a copy.
• Blog Posts – Write multiple blog posts about the magazine, the creation process, what’s going to be inside. Tease your audience about the iPad Magazine. If you have the funds to spend, consider offering prizes and having a big launch party for your iPad Magazine.
• Ask for Guest Articles – Ask publication owners whom you respect to allow you to publish guest articles so Content+Marketing+Magazine+ for iPadthat you can link to your digital iPad Magazine in the author’s biography space. Tailor your articles to fit the place you post them but still ensure they are directed to your audience as well.
• Send Out a Press Release – In advance of your first live edition, send out a press release to any authority that would find the information newsworthy.
• Email Lists – Tell your email list about your upcoming iPad Magazine launch and let them know that exclusive information will be in each edition. Tell them the benefits of subscribing, and ask them to share with their friends.
• Offer Expert Content – Ask experts that you know to contribute to the magazine. The more experts with lists of their own who participate in the publication, the more widely known your magazine will become.
• Provide Social Media Updates – Don’t forget to update your social media networks about your upcoming digital magazine. Tell them about what will be included, who will appear in it, and when it’s been released.
• Offer Something Extra – Your iPad Magazine should offer information and content that is exclusive to the magazine so that your audience has a reason to download it, read it, subscribe to it, and buy the products and services that you recommend.
iPad marketing• Engage Readers – The wonderful thing about iPad Magazines is they have the ability to be interactive. The more you engage readers, the longer you can keep them as subscribers and interested.
• Give Readers a Sneak Peak – At the end of each edition offer a sneak peak at what’s next so that they’ll want to keep their subscriptions active. You can also offer a sneak peak in advance of first launch to get more subscribers. Allow readers to share the sneak peak to get even more subscribers.

Adding a digital magazine to your product funnel is a great way to add an additional income stream, better establish yourself as an expert, and if you have enough subscribers and information, it can even become your main source of income.

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