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How To Find Outsourcers For Your iPad Magazine

Creating the magazine can require a lot of technical experience that you may not have. It requires the ability to design a visually appealing experience for the user, as well as content that is interesting and interactive for the reader.

You may need to hire a team that includes:

• A Graphic Designer — Ensure that the graphic designer you contract with knows how to publish iPad Magazines specifically, as well as understands how to make appealing magazine covers. This isn’t something for an amateur to do properly. Sure, you can create a PDF and upload it, using Word, but it’s not going to look professional and it may be turned down by Apple.

• Writers – You can pay writers to write about pretty much anything under the sun. But, remember that writing for a magazine is a little different from writing SEO content for the web. The articles need to be more focused, well researched, and then formatted correctly, which will come under the expertise of the graphic designer or layout editor.

• Editors — Don’t skimp on hiring an editor to ensure that your magazine looks really professional. Nothing is worse than downloading the magazine only to find a mistake. Writers will not be happy if mistakes are missed as well, even if it’s their own fault. Consider having more than one type of editor so that many eyes see everything before the final edition is uploaded.

ipad outsoucing• Marketing Managers — You may need an expert to handle the marketing of not only the magazine itself, but marketing advertising sales. You can usually find advertising sales reps who will work on a commission basis if there is potential for a good income. For instance, if you’re only selling $500 dollars worth of ads for each issue, that might not be worth someone working on commission. But if there is a potential for $10K worth of ads in each issue, you could easily find someone who will work for commission.

• Online Business Manager – No CEO runs a company without someone helping to guide the organization. If you really want to be successful publishing an iPad magazine, think hard about hiring an online business manager or project manager to help. You can hire them as contractors. Find someone who is used to working with publishing.

The fact is, you may think that you can do it all yourself, and you may be one of those uniquely talented people who can. But, remember that your time has value, too. Remember that the important part is that it should be easy to read for the audience. The best way and least expensive way to do this is to create a PDF that you’ll upload to the Apple News Stand.

Get Started Today

A digital magazine published on the iPad can help you earn money, eliminate printing costs of traditional magazines, and better establish you as an expert in your field. The iPad magazine opportunity lowers the barriers to entry into publishing, and helps you generate more leads for your other products and services.

The best way to get started is to create your magazine using one of the software options lipad outsourcingisted or hire someone to assist you with the entire production. If you already have a PDF magazine that you deliver to your clients, you’re in a really good position to convert that to an iPad magazine without too much more work. If it’s high enough quality to print, it’s high enough quality to view on the iPad.

An iPad Magazine can help you reach your business goals, solidify your business expertise, and make it easy to share it with others. Consider your budget, your audience, and your abilities before getting started as you may need professional help to get started. Publishing a magazine requires technical skills that may require hiring contractors to help you succeed but you can pick and choose which things to do on your own and which things to get help with.

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