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Mistakes To Avoid When Online Marketing

Online marketing is becoming more visual by the day. The reason is that it works. Most humans need visual cues to help them understand hard to comprehend ideas, and to remain interested in your story. However, it’s also important not to make common mistakes such as these:

• Stealing Images – You cannot just do an image search on Google and take whatever image you want. You cannot take images off other people’s websites. You cannot use any image from any website without explicit permission no matter where you find it, even if it’s watermarked. That image represented someone’s hard work and they should be compensated for it.

• Using the Images Incorrectly – Even when you purchase an image, you cannot always use it however you want. Read the fine print of the terms of use for any photograph, graphic, or image that you buy. Especially pay attention to whether you can use an image or a logo more than once, because many of them cannot be used for those purposes.

• Not Considering the Image Composition – Depending upon where the image will be used, you will want to size the image in the right way to show up correctly on each social media where it’s shared. Check with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to ensure that the images look the way you want them to. This might mean that instead of sharing an image directly from your blog post, you might want to upload the image separately and link to the blog post.

• Forgetting Who Your Audience Is – When you create any type of marketing, especially explicit visual marketing materials, it’s very important to understand your audience. If you come out with visuals that are wrong for your audience, it could be a disaster. Never forget who you’re doing it for, and why you’re doing it.

9-social-media-marketing-mistakes-to-avoid• Not Diversifying – When you engage in visual marketing it’s imperative to use many different marketing channels. Use your website, blog, and various social media networks as well as direct email marketing to convey your message to your audience. The saturation is necessary due to the fact that audiences like to consume information in many different ways.

• Not Describing Images – As mentioned previously, it’s very important to use some method for describing images such as the ‘alt’ tag information and/or captioning of some sort. Search engines pick up on the description which helps with search engine optimization, but so do those in your audience who are using screen readers.

• Using Poorly Crafted Images – Pay attention to the sizes that each social media site asks for when it comes to using images. Even your website theme may have a specific size needed to properly show the images when shared. Ensure that you use the right sizes and high quality graphics in your visual marketing in order to set the right tone and standard for your marketing efforts.

• Using Color Badly – When you choose the colors to use for images, graphics and your entire 7-rookie-internet-marketing-mistakes-avoid-small-business0visual marketing effort, be sure that the colors look good together and elicit the type of emotion and action you’re looking for. Don’t just assume they’ll work without testing them out. High contrast images are great, but not if they hurt your reader’s eyes.

Avoiding these mistakes will help your marketing efforts exponentially. Realizing that visual marketing is an important part of your marketing efforts, online and offline, will help you develop better visual marketing that gets the word out about your products and/or services to your audience.

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