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Getting Noticed Onlind Marketing Guide 5

Twelve Successful Visual Marketing Efforts Using Graphics, Photos, and Video

To get a better idea of what visual marketing entails, here are twelve mini case studies to help illustrate how visual marketing works (or doesn’t work) and to show how you can use these ideas in your own visual marketing efforts.

These examples of websites show how creative visual marketing can help you share your information with others and get others to share their information for you. The more beautiful, attractive, creative, accurate and informative the information you share is, the more likely others are to share it.

1. Target on Pinterest2_Target on Pinterest

Target’s Pinterest account is very popular due to the well-designed photography and images that they use and the way they separate each category for their different audiences. Due to this they have over a quarter million followers on Pinterest, along with thousands of pins.

To duplicate the success of Target on Pinterest be sure to show your prices, and enable your audience to click through to actually make a purchase. The faster your audience can buy what you’re offering, the more sales you’ll make.

2. Driven3_Bardot the Austin Healey

This is a website that focuses on automobiles. It uses gorgeous photography and creative fonts to make the reader feel as if he or she is part of the action. As you look through the photographs you’re taken to a new place. On this website even the advertising is spectacular.

Telling a visual story using fabulous photography is a great way to transport your audience to the place of fantasy. You can make them believe that by making a purchase of your products or services, they too will be as happy and healthy as those pictured.

3. KISSmetrics4_Infographics from KISSmetrics

This website often uses visual graphics, especially infographics, to get across the information to their audience that they want. They not only create excellent and factual infographics using data that is accurate, but they also explain in text the meaning of the infographic. Their creative use of infographics has increased their backlinks exponentially and made their website very popular.

You can use infographics too. Any blog post you’ve ever created that has a lot of data is an excellent starting point to create an infographic. Try using online software like Piktochart.com to create the infographics. Share on your blog and all social media, using an easy to create embed code.

4. Grammarly5_Grammarly on Pinterest

This website is set up for individuals and schools to use to check for plagiarism and proper use of grammar for the English language. They have created many memes and graphics that are funny, and get the attention of their audience. They share them on Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media, as well as on their own blog.

If you have anything to teach your audience, a great way to do so is with funny memes that consist of a thoughtful quote that links back to more information on your blog, website or sales page – but is sharable on its own terms. Using humor and “quotable quotes” can go far in helping your business be remembered. Be sure to watermark your work.

5. Whole Foods Market6_Values Matter   Whole Foods Market

This is a healthy supermarket that has used Facebook and graphics to their ultimate advantage. They use graphical images on their website and all social media because they’re simple to share and get a story across easily. The combination of beautiful photography and creative graphics makes the Whole Food website and visual marketing strategy work.

You can use a combination of graphics, infographics, and photographs with creative text to highlight what you want your audience to know. Think in terms of colors that give the audience something special to look at and to dream about. Fabulous product pictures tell a story all on their own.

6. Evernote7_Evernote for Windows Desktop

This website and app provides beautifully put together tutorial videos to help users learn how to use Evernote, but also to market Evernote. Anyone can watch the videos which assure the viewer of the ease of use and the functionality of the software. Not only does the information help users, it also helps those who haven’t become users see the good that Evernote has to offer.

You can do this too with your visual marketing. Create short videos covering one small topic related to things your audience needs to know. Shoot for no more than five minutes long − better to be less than two minutes if possible, so that your audience can watch in small short pieces each thing you want to teach them.

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