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Getting Noticed Online Marketing Guide 6

12 Successful Visual Marketing Efforts Using Graphics, Photos, And Video (continued)

To get a better idea of what visual marketing entails, here are twelve mini case studies to help illustrate how visual marketing works (or doesn’t work) and to show how you can use these ideas in your own visual marketing efforts.

These examples of websites show how creative visual marketing can help you share your information with others and get others to share their information for you. The more beautiful, attractive, creative, accurate and informative the information you share is, the more likely others are to share it.

  1. Ana-White.com8_Ana White Lets Build Something

 This website features do-it-yourself woodworking projects. The owner of the site includes professional level photographs and video of the work to demonstrate how great it looks when finished. Using this photography makes the work easy to share online with social media because people love looking at pretty images and imagining doing it yourself.

This website is very successful due to the high level of expertise demonstrated with the plans, pictures and videos. The only thing that would make it better is enabling sharing the videos more easily via social media, like she does with the images. You can recreate this process yourself by ensuring that you have a video for every “how to” blog post as well as well-made photographs of the process too. Ana proves giving it away can be profitable too.

  1. Sunday Suppers9_Sunday Suppers

 This food website offers beautiful photography that looks good enough to eat to demonstrate the results of the recipes. What’s a shame about this gorgeous website is that there is no easy way to share the fabulous pictures, and they’re not watermarked. Although the creator does use social media and shares the items herself with social media, it would be great if readers could easily share too.

If you have a website and subject matter that allows for the display of beautiful pictures, it would be a pity not to take excellent pictures and share them with the world. As demonstrated by this website, the pictures can be very simple yet tell a beautiful story.

  1. Kahn Academy10_Khan Academy

 This learning website uses video, photography, graphics, quotes and more to get the word out about their offerings. They put Facebook to good use by sharing interesting information regularly about how others are using Kahn Academy, and also just about the world at large.

If you have a lot of information that you want to share with the world, following Kahn Academy’s example of consistency along with high-quality information will go far in helping your business succeed. They demonstrate that even if something is free, it doesn’t have to be cheap. You can provide top-notch information that far exceeds the price.

  1. Cute Girls Hairstyles11_Cute Girls HairstylesThis successful vlog has been mentioned on many TV Shows, and is super popular on YouTube. The reason it is popular is because the mother who started this uses her real children and real-time newsworthy information, such as the Hunger Games phenomenon to create hairstyles for girls. The videos are organized and easy to watch through the website or through the YouTube channel. She also uses social media effectively to market her vlog.

You can repeat this effort by creating a very simple website and using a lot of white space in between the videos. Make it easy for everyone to share your work, watermark the videos, and brand them in some way so that when they are shared people will be led back to your website for more information.

  1. World Food Clock12_World Food Clock This very simple website depicts complex information in a way that can help readers get the idea of the message in just a few seconds of looking. It uses colors and graphics beautifully and makes it easy to share and spread the message of world hunger. This is a demonstration of simplicity at work.

If you have one message that won’t change much over time, or that has one central core that you need to get across to your audience, this is an excellent way to do it. Keep it simple − use few colors, few graphics, and detailed information that are easy to digest.

  1. Dribble.com13_Dribbble

 This website is a design website that offers a service and is a show and tell for designers to show what they’ve done. It is a great example of using visual graphics, white space, humor, and other elements that we have covered in this report to market your services. They are very good at showing their process and demonstrating their personality with their website and social media marketing.

If you have a lot of samples of your work, you can use their ideas and make it work for your own website. Even if you are a team of “one” or a service provider of one, you can show examples of your work in this manner, on social media and your blog. Visually showing your expertise will speak for itself

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